3 Cell Vs 4 Cell Battery

In contemporary society, the world has been revolutionized, and people have appreciated and used technology significantly. The world of technology and electronics has taken over, and you will get a wide range of batteries.

All of them vary in their uses and the devices they are used for. Most electronics use 3-cell batteries, 4-cell batteries, or even 6-cell batteries. Therefore, you may need to know the difference between 3 Cell Vs 4 Cell Battery before deciding to get either one for your electronic device.

You are in the right place. This article will help you understand the 3-cell battery vs 4-cell battery, what they are, what they are used for, and how they work to make your electronics world a better place, and help you make an informed decision.

First, when it comes to batteries, the number of cells usually has not much meaning, except if you want to compare cells of the same characteristics. For similar battery features, the more cells a battery has, the more power the battery has and the longer the use time.

Usually, batteries are considered in milliamperes hours or wattage hours. Therefore, when comparing two batteries, you look at the wattage hours.

If the batteries have milliamperes hours, you can convert the figure by multiplying it with the voltage to get milliwatt hours. Conversely, divide the milliwatt hours by 1000 to get hours. However, Let’s go know the basic differences between 3 Cell and 4 Cell Batteries.

What Is A 3 cell battery?

Before we move further, this is a question that needs to be addressed to help one get a better understanding. First, let’s start with this, a battery is simply a container that groups cells as one. Therefore, a 3-cell battery usually has three cylinders inside. They are usually arranged in either series or parallel.

However, it is primarily arranged in a series pattern for a battery to have a higher voltage. A typical cell with approximately 1.5 v power voltage means a 3-cell battery will have three times the 1.5 voltage, making it 4.5 voltage output for use.

A 3-cell battery with an approximately 42 watt-hour battery at 11.1 voltage usually has about 3780mAh capacity. Therefore, if the battery is in use and discharges the power at a 1 Amp rate, the battery is expected to last for about three hours.

What Is A 4 cell battery?

A 4-cell battery contains four lithium ion 18650 cell types in the battery pack. In addition, the 18650 cells have a different capacities ranging from 2 amperes per hour to 3.4 amperes per hour.

Therefore, this varies mainly on the cell capacity and not on the number of cells in the pack. So, generally, if you are looking for a higher capacity battery for backup, get one with a higher Watt-hour.

Typically, a Lithium-ion 4- cell battery with a 14.8 voltage dc. It can last up to three and a half hours during continuous use.

It is the kind of battery used for various types of laptops. However, not all laptops use the 4-cell battery; some use 6-cell for higher voltage and longer run time. This depends on the buyer’s preference for the laptop and its usage.

When you feel your laptop battery needs to be replaced, you must know the kind of battery you want to get for your laptop or any other electronic that uses a 4-cell battery. Usually, batteries serve different purposes and definitely give you different results regarding the power output and how long they last.

For instance, when choosing a laptop battery, it depends on the usage you have for your laptop. If you primarily use your laptop for gaming purposes, a more cell battery like a 6-cell battery is an ideal one for you.

However, if you mainly use your laptop for office purposes such as typing, browsing, or school projects, then the best battery to go for is the 4-cell battery.

 It doesn’t require you to have more power than the gaming one, and it also lasts a long. Besides, charging a 4- cell battery laptop doesn’t take longer than a six-cell one. Hence you don’t have to wait the whole day while charging the laptop for school work.

What Is The Difference Between A 3 Cell Vs 4 Cell Battery?

For a 3-cell battery, most have approximately 11.1v, since it is 3.7 volts per cell time the three number of cells, making 11.1 voltages. On the other hand, a 4-cell battery, also written as a 4S battery, has a nominal power output of 3.7 volts. This makes a 4-cell battery have a total of 14.8 v.

Generally, a battery with more cells is better than one with fewer cells in terms of longer run time. 4-cell batteries usually last for about three and a half hours to four hours of run time. They are mainly used on laptops since they are less bulky than more cell batteries and have a longer run time than 3-cell batteries.

However, it’s important to note that the run time also changes how the device is used, such as the screen time and brightness, simultaneous running of tabs, applications, and system programs.


Are More Cells In A Battery Better?

The general thumb rule is that, with all other factors being constant, a more cell battery is better and runs a long time before being recharged again. Besides, different batteries are made of different materials, which affects the quality of the battery and the battery run time.

How Many mAh Does a 4-Cell Battery Have?

For a 4-cell battery, if the total voltage of the batteries is 14.4 v, this translates to the mAh of the battery to mAh3200.

Final Thought

Whether you are using a 3- cell or 4-cell battery, the battery’s lifespan varies with the often used and how you use the battery. If used more often the shorter the lifespan of the battery. Generally, for laptop batteries, if a battery has more cells, the longer it will last before requiring recharging.

Most 4 cell batteries last longer than 3 cell batteries, depending on how they are used. Also, when getting a 3 cell vs 4 cell battery, ensure you check on the brand of the battery. The quality of the battery varies with different manufacturers. Always choose a brand you are aware of to guarantee durability.

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