Best Replica Eames Lounge Chair And Ottoman

Modern homes are not complete with the absence of the best replica Eames lounge chair. Eames chairs have been the most iconic furniture in the market for more than 65 years. The furniture is known because its seat is made of plush leather and its wood shell is dark grainy.

As well it has a metal base like that of an office chair. Eames chairs stood the test of time and it has remained the best design for people who want to relax after a busy day. However, you should know that a replica is not an original design.

Eames lounge chairs are the first design of Charles Eames and the first one was designed in 1956. These chairs are revolutionary and they harmoniously combine aesthetics and comfort. Eames chairs are very popular and are continuously produced for so many years.

You can purchase the ‘Eames lounge chairs replica at a pocket-friendly price.” Original Eames chairs were made from zenaloy and steel which made them durable. However, it was very expensive and heavy to produce. Herman Miller was a very popular manufacturer and he made thousands of these chairs during those days.

Nowadays, Eames chairs are made of various materials that make them easy to be accessed in public. There are so many replicas of Eames lounge chairs which will make it difficult for you to choose the best one. So, to make your selection easy, we considered various features and chose the six best Eames lounge chair replicas from the list of the top Eames chairs.

In our list, we have included everything that you want to know about the product including its price. All you have to do now is to pick the one that you feel is the best for you.

Reasons For Purchasing Eames Lounge Chair Replica

If you wish to own the original Eames lounge chair designed by Herman Miller, not everybody can budget for it. Eames chairs by Millers have a price range of $5,000 to $6,800 depending on individual customization options. At this price point, lounge chair remains affordable for wealthy people since they don’t mind spending on luxury.

However, you don’t have to worry yourself so much because still, you can afford the best knock off Eames lounge chair that is comfortable at a fair price. Usually, the replica ranges from $800 to $1,500 so you won’t even feel that bad when it gets slight damage.

On the contrary, the shipping time of the best Eames production is usually long compared to replica models. Authentic Eames chair takes about 20 or more weeks to design and ship but replicas take a week. There are so many Eames chair replicas allowing you to choose within your budget and make your life comfortable and modern. Besides, replicas of Eames chairs look more like the Eames chair originals that without being keen no one can notice it’s a replica.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Eames Chair Replica

There are various elements that you are supposed to consider when buying the best Eames replica chairs. These factors range from comfort, build quality, assembling, and the number of legs. Below are discussed factors that you should consider if you want the best knock off Eames lounge chair.


Design is the most important aspect to put into consideration if want the knock off to look like the authentic Eames chair. Below are general things about the design when purchasing a best Eames knock off.

Armrests. Among the distinctive features of the best Eames chair is the wide armrests. The wideness should be more than 1 foot and it should as well have a pillow-like wrapping around the chair’s arm.

Leather seat. Your knock off design should have a leather seat. The leather should be of the best quality. Most of the leather that is used by the replica designers is sourced from Italy.

Wood shell. Most people prefer seven or eight layers of plywood shell. You should be keen here because most knock off makers go for cheap wood that is laminated to save cost. This will not only have an impact on the design but durability as well.

Authentic Eames lounge chair. The authentic Eames lounge chair reclines at an angle of 15 degrees. Most of the replicas match this angle. But some give an allowance of further recline.

Metal legs. When it comes to legs you should look like the one made of aluminum and it should as well be given some importance. The original Eames chair features only five legs while most the Ottoman lounge chair features four legs.

Build Quality

When examining the Eames replica build quality, there are three vital things that you should look at.

Quality of the Leather

Check our words such as high-grade or best quality if you want to buy the best replica chair. Besides that, some designers will let you know where the leather comes from. Leather with the best quality is sourced from Italy.

Quality of the Wood

The wood that is preferred for your chair’s shell is plywood. If you want the best knock off Eames chair that lasts longer, choose the one with 7 to 8 layers of plywood.


This is very important since if you purchase a knock off Eames chair with hardware that is shoddy, it isn’t going to last longer. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to find out which chair has the best quality hardware. Carry out a lot of research to get a clue if there are any issues to do with its hardware and quality control before purchasing.


If there wouldn’t issues to do with price then there wouldn’t be the need of buying Eames lounge chair replicas. So, the price matters. The price of the best knocks off Eames is under $1,000. Also, there are replica models that cost $1,000. However, if the price is $200, $300, or more that is a higher price for replicas yet you won’t get the best quality product.

It is also to be keen on cheaper models. If you get a knock off that is below $500, there is a higher probability that it is not of the best quality since there are many replicas in the market.

On the contrary, there is a higher chance that it won’t look like the replica advertised, and assembling may be difficult because some parts not fitting correctly. There is no replica that costs $6,000 so, even if you send $7,000 to $1,000 still it won’t change the fact that it is not of the best quality. Research well, read more reviews, and have a better understanding of the return policy before buying the product.

Place of Origin and the Manufacturer

In most cases, the knock off Eames chair reproduction is done overseas and distributed from US warehouses. This is not an issue. Just like anything that is produced in masses, there are always issues of quality control. But in all, you will still get the best quality product. The authentic Eames chair is expensive because they are hand-made. On the other hand, replica Eames chairs are built in the factory using machines.


When talking of comfort, there are two things that you should keep in mind while choosing Knockoff Eames chair.

Cushion: This is essential. Sometimes manufacturers may use the leather of high quality but use a sponge that is not plush. This will make the chair not to be that comfortable. It is good to have a chair that will still give you support even if sink into it. Usually, chairs that are delivered to the door are less firm and after some time it eases up.

Height: Most of the knock off models are tall versions meant for people who are well, tall. Standard Eames chairs may accommodate people who are not taller than 6 feet and 4 inches tall and they still feel comfortable.  Taller versions usually have longer seats which makes taller people enjoy more.


Most parts of Eames lounge replica chairs are almost the same in size, taking or giving one inch in both directions.


Quite often assembly miss and hit across knock off Eames chairs in the market. You can assemble most parts of replica chairs within 15 to 20 minutes. It is easier if you get help from a second person because the chairs are heavy.  Because Eames replica lounge chairs are produced in large masses, assembly quality control is not always good.

Sometimes, you may not find the instruction manual in the package. Other times, you may find that the screw hole was not completed in the bottom side f the chair. All this will make it very difficult to assemble the parts. Sometimes the seat may not fit well with the base. To put things together, some users have reported having used rubber mallets.

On the other hand, you are likely to get the chair that puts together the parts fairly fast. It is very annoying to find that there are missing pieces. But you can return it or try reaching out to the company to send the missing pieces.


Time for shipping is very important for buyers today especially with many people doing their work from home. The best Eames reproductive company may take 20 or more weeks to make and ship to your home, this is almost “half a year.” Thankfully, most replica chairs are produced in mass allowing a quick shipment time which ranges from anywhere a few days or a few weeks.

Moreover, to be sure that your chair will arrive in a good condition, ensure that you all knock off chair reviews. As well, you should search for other things like the quality of the packaging. Keep in mind most of the chairs come but the instruction manual is placed in one of the boxes. If you find your chair damaged, ensure that you save the box and its packaging material for shipping back safely.


The original Eames lounge chairs come with a warranty of 12 years. If it breaks or anything falls apart, the company can replace it. Most models of knock off lounge chairs don’t have a true warranty. But they can only allow you to return the chair in the case where ”you don’t like it or it came broken.” Remember most replica sellers claim to offer a warranty but they don’t have an official policy.

This may sound weird but it’s not ordinary. Furniture companies rarely give a warranty but Herman offers it because they understand well what their customers are spending on the chair. Usually, replicas are cheap so you won’t see the need for replacement when it gets damaged after some years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who manufactures the best Eames lounge replica?

It is very difficult to determine the best maker when it comes to furniture. Quite often, it depends on wit personal preference. However, there are only two front runners in Eames replica lounge chairs.

  • TOOMOO Leather Eames recliner replica with Ottoman- No one can beat the quality and value of this replica chair
  • TOME Mid Century Lounge Chair and Ottoman: It’s a great replica in terms of quality, comfort, and price.

Are Eames replica chairs comfortable?

The chair may be comfortable even if the materials used in the construction are not as good as the ones used to make the authentic knock off Eames chairs. Replicas are quite expensive and have durable qualities.  When it comes to comfort, most of the replica chairs mimic the original Eames chair and sometimes they make them more comfortable.

To be specific, most replica designers make Eames chairs that can recline. This might make the lazy Sunday very comfortable. keep in mind the original Eames chair doesn’t recline.

In addition to that, most knock off makers makes oversized cushion so that the chair can be very plush and can accommodate big people. Remember there are Eames chair replicas that are cheap and not that comfortable. So research well before buying the product.

How can you tell if the Eames chair is original or fake?

There are so many things that will you determine if the Eames chair is a knock off or original. Below are some things that will help you know if it’s original.

The Brand:

  • Check well if the brand label is from the original Herman’s logo. It is usually on a black rectangle with round corners and it is at the bottom of the chair.

Metal disc:

  • Make sure e the Ottoman chair has a disc attached at the bottom with Herman miller’s logo.

Paper label:

  • It should have a paper signed as proof of its original. The paper contains secured patents of the Eames chair.
  • Base. the base should have five legs or four legs if it’s an ottoman. Besides, the cushions should have the same size as that of the ottoman and be interchangeable.

Why is the Eames chair so expensive?

They are expensive because of the best quality material and the building quality whereby there are no screws or building fasteners are seen.

When it premiered Eames lounge’s authentic chair was a modern marvel. It was the first chair to be made using leather and plywood. Currently, this chair is considered the iconic with the highest demand. Because of this, Herman Miller’s manufacturing company has a belief in still selling the ottoman and the chair at a price higher than $5,000 and keep making a profit from it.

Care for Eames Replica Chairs

  • Avoid keeping it near high temperatures to prevent the leather from getting damaged or cracking.
  • Don’t expose it to sunlight for so long, its leather may fade.
  • Maintain and clean regularly using a semi-wet rug to remove dust and keep it clean and dry.
  • Use a foam cleaning solution to lean it if it’s dirty and keep the surface with leather is dry.
  • To prevent scratches avoid keeping iron buttons and keyrings on the chair.
  • Don’t soak the ottoman and the chair with liquids.

The Bottom Line

Eames chairs have been the most iconic furniture in the market for more than 65 years. Eames lounge chairs are the first design of Charles Eames and the first one was designed in 1956. These chairs are revolutionary and they harmoniously combine aesthetics and comfort. The best advantage of these Eames chairs is that it offers Multiple scenes.

Most of the knock off Eames Lounge Chair can be used in your bedroom, office, living room, leisure area, study room, club, rooftop, and any other place where you feel like enjoying a relaxing time.

If you are looking for the best imitation Eames chair to purchase, it is a good idea to look for one with high-quality material with an authentic design. Your best option is to go with a model that is reputable and has a lot of good reviews. This will help you avoid getting a shoddy copy with a fake look. With that, it is difficult to notice the difference. Do a lot of research before shopping to avoid disappointment.

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