CR2 Vs CR123

You may be searching for batteries for your electronics and other devices. They’re often used in lights, cameras, communication devices, and many other products. The cr2 vs cr123 are two different types of lithium batteries that you might find at your local store. But which is better?

Hopefully, this blog can shed some light on the differences between cr2 vs cr123 batteries. We’ll explore their specs, their applications, and how they work on various devices. This way you can make an informed decision on which type of battery to buy for your device!

This article will help you understand the differences between these two batteries and which one is better for your device.

What Are The Differences Between Cr2 Vs Cr123?

An often-discussed battery type – cr123 vs cr2- is an old-school vs modern-day battery type. It seems straightforward, but this nomenclature is a little more complicated. The main differences between the two are physical size and voltage. Let’s take a look to understand more about the possible differences between the two battery types.

What Is A Cr2 Battery?

Cr2 Battery

CR2: The CR2 is a small cylindrical battery that has a diameter of 0.5 inches and a length of 1 inch. CR2 batteries are often found in digital cameras, camcorders, and other electronic devices that require a small power source.

The name “CR2” comes from the fact that it is the second generation of this type of battery to have been developed by SONY Corporation (the first generation was called “CR1”). And the “CR” stands for “carbon zinc”.

The trade-off is that the CR2 will last longer if you don’t discharge it enough to drain it below its minimum voltage threshold.

What Is A Cr123 Battery?

Cr123 Battery

CR123: A CR123A battery is a type of lithium battery that is commonly used in cameras, flashlights, and other electronics.

These batteries are often called “coin cells” because they are shaped like coins and are about the same size. In fact, “button cells” are what they are sometimes called because of their shape.

The CR123A battery has a voltage of 3 volts and lasts for about four hours when used in a flashlight.


CR2 is smaller in size than CR123. The height and width of CR2 are 27mm (blued) x 15.6mm (thickness). On the other hand, the height and width of CR123 are 34.5mm (long) x 17mm (span).

This implies that the last option (CR123) is longer than the previous (CR2) and that as battery size increases CR123 will become more prevalent. A CR2 battery is not compatible with a gadget that requires a CR123.

To make sure you’re using the right battery, check if there are similar options with different voltages. If you’re replacing your battery, size is something to consider. CR2 and CR123 batteries aren’t replaceable because of their size.

Capacity Rating:

The capacity ratings are the same for both products (mAh). There’s a big difference in the energy capacity of one CR2 battery to that of a CR123.

The CR2 battery has a mAh rating of between 400 and 800. In contrast, the CR123 has a power rating that ranges from 1500 to 2500 milliamp hours, which means that it can provide constant power to devices for a longer period.

Although the CR123 accompanies a higher mAh rating, it won’t influence how productively the gadget functions. The main distinction is that you won’t have to change the batteries in the machine regularly assuming you utilize a CR123 battery rather than a CR2.

By and large, you will observe that a CR2 battery can give capacity to gadgets 5.5 to 8 hours before it needs supplanting. While with regards to the CR123, this battery can give energy for 6 to 50 hours. How long every battery can give power relies upon how frequently and how long you utilize the gadget.


The cost difference between cr2 and cr123 is that CR123 batteries are more expensive than CR2 batteries.

CR123 batteries are more expensive because they have a higher energy density than CR2. This means that they can store more power in a smaller space. This makes them the ideal choice for high-drain devices such as digital cameras, and other devices with higher power requirements.


The CR123 is a lithium-ion battery, with a weight of 16g. The CR2 is also a lithium-ion battery, but it weighs less at just 11g. Many people consider the CR123 to be the better choice because of its larger capacity and longer lifespan. However, the weight difference between the two batteries can make a big difference when you are traveling or hiking and need to carry your supplies.

Used Applications:

The CR2 battery is useful for several different purposes, including military, industrial, medical, and consumer uses. The CR2 battery is used in a wide range of military hardware such as weapons lights, optics, laser rangefinders, and designators.CR2 batteries are mainly used in medical instruments.

Alarm batteries and power for various instruments. CR123A batteries were initially designed for use in cameras but now they’re used in lots of other things too. For example Wireless Security, Home Automation & Smoke Detectors. They’re also used in Momentary Equipment, Tactical Equipment, and Illumination equipment – basically anything you could want or need!

Slightly Safer:

The most significant difference between the two types of batteries is the voltage they output.

Radiation from any type of battery can be harmful to humans, but since the CR2 outputs less voltage than the CR123 it won’t emit as much radiation. This means it’s slightly safer to use when compared to the other option.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a battery for your camera, you should go for the lower-voltage one to protect yourself from potential harm caused by radiation.

Are Cr2 And Cr123 Batteries Interchangeable?

On the surface, it’s easy to get confused between the CR2 and CR123 batteries. But they are not interchangeable. CR2 and CR123 are not interchangeable as they have different sizes. One CR2 has a bigger diameter, while the other CR123 is smaller in size.

Do these batteries have the same voltage rating? Yes, but just because they are the same voltage doesn’t mean you should buy them. Size is really important in this case.

When you use a bigger battery for your devices, you can destroy the device. Switching from a small battery to a big one too soon can cause overheating and worse complications.

Why Choose A Cr2 Over Cr123?

The CR2 is a lithium-ion battery. While it’s not the newest, it does have some benefits over the more popular CR123 battery. The causes lied to choosing cr2battery over cr123 :

  • First, the CR2 is less likely to cause a fire due to its low self-discharge rate.
  • Second, it has a longer shelf life as compared to the CR123. This means that if you don’t use your battery often, it will last.
  • And third, while CR2 batteries are only available in 2032 size, they can be found in many different power levels and chemistries including alkaline and nickel-zinc.

So with this information in mind, is the CR2 better than the CR123?

Which One Is Right For You?

We live in a world full of choices. In the supermarkets, there are so many types of cereal, nearly all of which we’ve never tried before. In the car market, there are so many models and makes to choose from, each with its own set of features and benefits.

And when it comes to batteries, it seems like no two are alike. There are AA and AAA batteries, CR123s and CR2s—and they all have significant differences. Which one is right for you? Let’s take a look at CR123 vs CR2 and see what the best option is for you.

The CR123 and CR2 are both lithium-ion batteries that are used in a variety of applications. They both provide 3 volts of power, but they differ in size, weight, and cost. So, with the all criteria for both of the batteries, you now decide what battery is right for you.


What Happens To Batteries With The Same Voltage?

This is a question that has been asked by many people. The answer is that the battery with the higher voltage will undergo greater wear and tear than the battery with the lower voltage. Higher voltage means more power, which means more wear and tears on a battery.

The higher voltage will be used up quicker, so it will need to be replaced sooner than a lower-voltage battery. This is because high-voltage batteries have to work harder to deliver enough power for your device to run properly.

How To Choose The Battery Type?

When choosing a battery for your device, there are many factors to consider. The most important factor is the amount of time you need your battery to last. If you need a battery that will last for hours or days, then it is best to get a lithium-ion battery. If you only need the device to last for a few minutes, then it is best to get an alkaline battery.

If you want a battery that will be able to charge quickly and can be used in extreme temperatures, then go with nickel-metal hydride batteries. They can be used at any temperature and are cheaper than lithium-ion batteries but they don’t last as long as they do.

What’s New With Higher-Amp Batteries?

Newer battery technologies are increasing the range of electric vehicles, reducing charging time, and increasing battery life.

Higher-amp batteries are a new type of lithium-ion battery that allows for faster charging times and higher power density. This means that the batteries can be smaller in size but still have a high capacity.

Higher-amp batteries are also safer because they use less cobalt, which is an expensive metal that is prone to mining accidents.

Why Do We Still Use AA And AAA Batteries?

There are many reasons why we still use AA and AAA batteries. One of the most important is that they are ubiquitous. They are used in almost everything from toys to electronics.

Another reason is that they can be found anywhere, for example in a convenience store or hardware store. The third reason is that they are relatively cheap, which makes them a good option for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on batteries.

Why Are CR123 Batteries So Expensive?

The prices of CR123 batteries are increasing because of the demand for these batteries. The demand is so high that the supply can’t keep up.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the use of lithium-ion battery-powered devices. These devices require CR123 batteries to power them. As a result, there has been a surge in demand for these batteries and as a result, their prices have gone up as well.

Final Thoughts

The CR2 vs CR123 are two types of batteries. They are often confused with one another, but there is a difference between them. The CR2 is a 3V battery that produces 12 grams of power, while the CR123 is a 3V battery that produces 10 grams of power. The difference in weight might not seem like a lot at first, but if you use your camera for an entire day, the CR2 will last longer than the CR123.

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