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Batteries keep your favorite objects powered and alive. Maybe you’re aware that lithium-ion batteries have become the need of the hour for your devices. In the recent era, most electronics like cell phones, PDAs, and laptops run on these batteries. Keeping in view the importance of batteries, you might need to buy a battery for your device. CR2016 and CR2032 are examples of such batteries.

While buying a battery, a question that which battery is good for your device may click your mind. This article will compare the CR2016 vs 2032 battery to help you make this decision quickly. We’ll focus not only on the similarities but also on the differences.

Further, appearance, characteristics, quality, and power will be the main points to be compared. Concisely, this article will help you know whether you can replace the CR2016 battery with the CR2032 battery or not.

You can identify the CR batteries with their unique four numbers. For instance, CR2016 and CR2032 are two different batteries. After having a brief introduction to CR batteries, Let’s move to CR2016 battery Vs 2032 battery.

CR2016 Vs 2032 Battery [Basic Difference]

Types CR2016 battery CR2032 battery
Classification Lithium coin Lithium coin
Chemical System  Lithium / Manganese Dioxide  Lithium / Manganese Dioxide
Thickness 1.6mm 3.2mm
diameter 20mm 20mm
Capacity 90mAH 240mAH
Voltage 3V 3V
Operating temperature -20 to 85 ℃ -30 to 60 ℃
Self-discharge ~1% / year ~1% / year
Rechargeability Non-rechargeable Non-rechargeable

What Are CR Batteries?

When it comes to lithium-ion batteries, there are two types:

  • BR batteries
  • CR batteries

BR batteries are the most standard type of lithium-ion batteries. These are polycarbonate monofluoride batteries and are famous as“coin batteries or button batteries” because of their small size. BR batteries have high operating power and can work in hot temperatures.

If the BR batteries are standard, what CR batteries are? CR batteries are manganese dioxide lithium-ion batteries. Their initial discharge is higher than that of the BR batteries. CR batteries are less durable than BR batteries. These are still affordable to use in calculators, wristwatches, bathroom scales, and smoke detectors.

What Is a CR2032 Battery?

A CR2032 battery is a “button” cell or lithium coin battery. It comes in a small flat cylindrical shape. You can use a CR2032 battery if you need reliable and long-lasting power for your devices. So, it can power your medical devices, toys, fitness appliances, wrist watches, and calculators.

You can find the CR2032 battery with different names such as 2032, AWI L14, 5004LC, BR2032, CR2032, BR2332, CR2332, EA2032C, DL2032, ECR2032, LF1/2V, L2032, LM2032, Seiko SB-T15, and RFA-35.

What Is a CR2016 Battery?

A CR2016 battery is also a lithium coin battery. You can use it to power your wristwatches, car key remotes, calculators, etc. However, these are less reliable than the CR2032 battery as it tapers off gradually. You can use it as it’s affordable and has more initial discharge. Furthermore, it can withstand all abrupt changes in temperature.

CR2016 Vs 2032 Battery: Similarities

Some of the similarities between CR2016 and CR2032 batteries are:

  • Both have a chemical composition of Lithium / Manganese DioxideBoth have voltage power of 3V
  • Both are non-rechargeable
  • Both have the same diameter of 20mm
  • All the major batteries
  • All major battery manufacturing brands like Energizer, Duracell, Panasonic, Maxell, Philips, Renata, Murata, and others have CR2016 and CR2032 batteries among their product catalogs.

Among all the battery brands, Philip won the race by providing a set of 20 batteries containing all the required batteries for children’s toys and cameras. On the other hand, Duracell is not behind because of its quality and price.

CR2016 & 2032 Battery: [Differences]

Keeping in view the above similarities, it seems that both are the same. However, there’s a difference between them. Knowing all the major differences will help to find out their interchangeability. Let’s know all the facts that make them different from each other.

Cell number: The cell number is the major difference between both batteries. Their unique cell numbers show their specifications.

  • The first two digits indicate the diameter of the battery
  • The last two digits indicate the thickness of the battery

For instance, if you have a CR2016 battery, its diameter is 20mm, and its thickness is 1.6mm. Similarly, CR2032 shows that the battery has a 2omm diameter and 3.2 mm thickness.

Capacity: Capacity is the major difference to consider while discussing the CR2016 and 2032 batteries. Capacity is basically the ability of the battery to store the charge. The unit to measure the capacity is amp-hour (Ah). Or you can say that a specific power that you can obtain from the battery in a specific time is its capacity. The capacity depends on the amount of active mass present in the battery.

CR2032:The capacity of a CR2032 battery is 240 mAh. It can power your device for about 10 h if the power using it with 24 mA loads.

CR2016:The capacity of a CR2016 battery is 90 mAh. It can provide you with power for 6 h if you’re using it with a 15 mA load. So, CR2032 can provide you with power for a longer time as compared to CR2016.

Size: Although it seems that the difference in size would not affect the battery efficiency, it’s not so. The difference in size greatly affects the duration and capacity of the battery. When it comes to the size of the CR2032 and CR2016 batteries, both have the same diameter of 20mm. However, they have different thicknesses. The difference in battery thickness will not allow the use of one battery instead of the others.

CR2032:The thickness is 3.2 mm for the CR2032 battery.

CR2016:The thickness is 1.6mm for the CR2016.

Use of Each CR Battery:

Both batteries are lithium coin batteries, and you can use them on small devices. But, their use may vary due to differences in their capacity.

Uses of CR2016 Battery:

The CR2016 battery has a short life span and capacity. These should be used for devices that require less power such as wristwatches and calculators.

Use of CR2032 Battery:

The CR2032 battery has a higher capacity than the CR2016 battery. So, you can use them for devices that can require more power such as car remotes, toys, banking card readers, and computer motherboards.

CR2016 And 2032 Battery: Pros And Cons

CR2016 ●     Occupy less space

●     Higher initial discharge

●     Suitable wristwatches and calculators

●     Higher capacity

●     Longer life

●     Perfect for hearing aids and car remotes

CR2032 ●     Low capacity

●     Short life

●     Occupy more space

Can You Interchange Both Batteries?

The thickness difference and the capacity difference do not allow using them instead of each other. That’s why, if you use the CR2016 battery instead of the 2032 battery, some devices may not work as they require more power.

When it comes to thickness, some people think that stacking two CR2016 can replace CR2032. But, it can be detrimental to your device. The reason is very simple stacking two batteries means the voltage becomes double. So, these stacked batteries produce 6 volts damaging the electronic circuit of your device.

Warning about Both Batteries

As the size of both batteries is very small, they can choke easily. If anyone ingests any of these batteries, consult a doctor. If left unattended, lithium-ion batteries can be lethal. Never allow someone who has engulfed the button battery by mistake to drink or eat. Moreover, keep these batteries out of reach of your child. Furthermore, make sure your child’s toys are sealed tightly to ensure safety.

Final Thoughts:

CR2016 Vs 2032 battery comparison indicates that both batteries are similar in their voltage, diameter, and chemical composition. However, their capacity and thickness make them different from each other.

Moreover, if you are concerned about which one of these button batteries is better, CR2032 is the winner. Its thickness and capacity make it suitable to use for powerful devices. So, if you’re looking for a battery for a hearing aid or watch, CR2032 is the best.

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