CR2025 Vs CR2032

In this article, the primary differences between CR2025 Vs CR2032 are going to be discussed. If you are not much of a reader and would like to know the crux of the whole thing, you could skip to the final verdict, but if you are an avid reader such as myself, then happy reading!CR2025 and CR2032, also known as button cell batteries or watch batteries, are used to power things like watches, calculators, toys, remotes, and many other small devices.

CR2025, as the name suggests, is 2.5mm thick with a capacity of 163 mAh, while CR2032 is 3.2mm thick with a capacity of 240 mAh. Both of them work remarkably well and choosing the best one could be challenging. The best among them could be decided depending on the above two deciding factors.

With the advent of modern technology, everything is becoming handier, easier to carry, and lighter in weight. This innovation trend has also influenced the sizes of batteries that are the primary power source for many gadgets. These button cell batteries are lithium non-chargeable 3-Volts batteries and can be used to power small electric devices. People are often confused between the two of them due to their striking resemblance to each other.

At first look, both of these batteries look the same. They have similar sizes, shapes, and the same shiny look; the only way to tell them apart is by reading the notations on their surface. Are you one of those people who are often confused by the differences between CR2025 and CR2032? If so, then you have come to the right place!

CR2025 Vs CR2032- Comparison

Both button-cell batteries have the same physical appearance and could be used for the same purpose. But there are some slight differences that you have to take into account before buying them.

Now you would be wondering about the varying aspects of these two coin-cell batteries, right? In this section, the specifications, features, and applications of the two-button cell batteries will be discussed to help you choose which one is better.

Features, Specifications, and Applications of CR2025

CR2025 is used in devices in which traditional batteries cannot be used. As discussed, earlier CR2025 are lithium non-chargeable batteries, supplying 3 Volts, and can be used to power watches, calculators, remotes, toys, and other small electric devices. These batteries have a compact size and are smaller as compared to CR2032. As the name CR2025 suggests, 20mm denotes this coin cell battery’s diameter, and 2.5mm is the thickness or the height.

Let us take a look at the specifications and features of CR2025 to get a better understanding of this battery:

  • This coin cell battery is classified as a Lithium coin and is made from Lithium Magnesium Dioxide.
  • It has a diameter of 20mm and a thickness of 2.5mm that making it easy to use.
  • CR2025 has a voltage rating of 3 Volts and a cutoff voltage of 2 Volts.
  • The maximum current that is provided is 0.14 Ampere.
  • It has a typical capacity of 163 mAh at 20 degrees Celsius.
  • The typical weight of CR2025 is 2.6 grams with an operating temperature range lying between 30-60 degrees Celsius.
  • This coin cell battery has an operating service life (when used) of approximately 680 hours at 20 degrees Celsius.
  • It is a non-rechargeable battery and has a very low self-discharge, with a shelf life of almost ten years.

Features, Specifications, and Applications of CR2032

Now looking at the possible uses of CR2032, this coin cell battery has also been used in applications where traditional batteries cannot be used. These batteries can be used in electric devices like wristwatches, car keys, medical devices, hearing aids, and much more to count.

It is a bit thicker than CR2025, though the thickness variation is very nominal between the two. As the CR2032name suggests, its diameter is 20mm and has a thickness or a height of 3.2mm.

  • Before we dive into the differences between CR2025 & Cr2032, let us take a look at the specifications and features of CR2032:
  • This coin cell battery is made from Lithium Magnesium Dioxide and has a voltage rating of 3 Volts.
  • Being 20mm in diameter and having a thickness of 3.2mm, it is a bit thicker than its competitor.
  • It has a maximum current of 0.19 Ampere.
  • CR2032 is also a non-rechargeable battery with an operable temperature ranging between 30-60 degrees Celsius.
  • This coin cell battery has a weight of 3 grams and a typical capacity of 240 mAh at 20 degrees Celsius.
  • It has a service life (when used) of approximately 720 hours at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius and a shelf life of about ten years.

The Differences Between CR2025 and CR2032

CR2025 and CR2032, both coin cell batteries, confuse the users when it comes to their usage and properties. Seemingly similar, both batteries have distinct models. And this article is specifically written to help you clarify any confusion you might have regarding CR2025 and CR2032.

CR2025 and CR2032 are not rocket science to understand, but I will simplify them further to make it easier for your to understand. Several major and minor differences make these coin cell batteries distinct from each other. Let’s start with the major differences and then head toward the minor ones.

Understanding Size from the Numbers the Batteries Hold

Talking about the size of the two batteries, their names give out significant details about it. CR2025 & CR2032, as the names suggest, sizes correspond respectively. Breaking the numbers into diameter and height, CR2025 has a 20mm diameter and a height of 2.5mm. Similarly, that of CR2032 is 20: 3.2, as is evident.

The Problems Size Can Create for you!

As we can see that both batteries have the same diameter, so it won’t create an issue to that extent while fitting them into your devices. However, there are some issues you would face in certain circumstances.

Devices that are specifically made for a CR2025 battery won’t get powered on from the CR2032 battery. Even if you get to fit the other battery, the battery’s terminals would still be loose to actually start working and provide the required power.

Similarly, the devices designed for a CR2032 battery won’t work with CR2025 because of the fitting and the power issues. Hence, it is vital for you while buying a coin cell battery for your device to make the right decision.

Space these Batteries Take

The dimensions and thickness of the batteries bring us to the aspect of space, which is also quite evident, especially when we are already aware of these dimensions. It is also one of the cons of CR2032 that it takes comparatively more size than CR2025 takes. And the Pro for CR2025 is that it takes lesser space making it easier to fit.

The milliampere per hour (mph) Difference

The term mAh corresponds to a variety of different things but talking in terms of batteries, mAh tells us about the durability of any battery or how long a battery can hold its charge. We can know how long a single piece of it would last before replacing it with a new one. mAh can be calculated considering the internal resistance (Ir) of the battery.

We know that CR2025 and CR2032 are non-rechargeable batteries, and hence mAh, in this case, would tell us the longitude of the life of the battery.

Both batteries have a similar voltage rating of 3 volts, but the difference lies in the capacity they can store. The difference in capacity comes from the difference in thickness between the two. As we discussed at the start, the battery, CR2032, is comparatively thicker. Thus, it can hold more capacity than the other.

In terms of mAh, the capacity is higher in CR2032 than that in CR2025; the mAh of CR2025 is 163 while that of CR2032 is 240, which makes the latter more durable for use. If you want your battery to last longer, CR2032 would definitely be the better choice.

A Few Things to Consider!

Although the battery’s durability depends upon its capacity, capacity itself is not constant. The load applied to the battery, and the usage behavior affects the life of the battery.

Another important thing is that; since the devices are designed for a specific kind of battery with a certain voltage, using a battery with a higher voltage than what the device is designed for can cause permanent damage to the device.

The Popular Manufacturers- CR2025 & Cr2032

Looking at the companies that manufacture the two coin cell batteries, we see more similarities than differences. Major brand names come out from China, Indonesia, and Japan. Counting on them, we get Amazon basics, Panasonic, Duracell, Phillips, Energizer, etc. Their pricing also differs depending upon the brand producing them.

The Durability Depending upon Different Brands!

Among the popular manufacturers, Duracell and Energizer stand out as the premium manufacturers of the cells. We know that the durability of the cells manufactured by Duracell and Energizer is way more than the others. Comparing the storage life with the cells manufactured by Amazon basics, it goes to 10:07 years.

Real-Life Applications

The coin cell batteries find versatility in their usage ranging from watches, smart toys, keys, remotes, and a variety of other devices. However, here comes CR2025 and Cr2032 considering the power, usage, and durability of the two batteries.

Since we have discussed the aspects of both the batteries’ power and capacity, it is easier to understand that the higher capacity battery, I.e., CR2032 is suitable for devices like hearing aids, watches, heart monitor scans, etc. On the other hand, CR2035 is perfect for children’s toys or calculators.

Final Verdict

If you have gone through the whole article, you would have a good insight into the differences between the two often confused batteries. Both batteries are Lithium non-rechargeable 3-V batteries used in applications where traditional batteries cannot be used.

Due to their close resemblance, it sometimes becomes hard to differentiate between them, but carefully looking at specific characteristics like thickness would help you tell them apart.

Now, you might be wondering which among the two button cell batteries which one is the best, right? After carefully analyzing the differences between CR2025 Vs CR2032, you would observe only a slight difference between the two coin cell batteries.

No doubt CR2032 being thicker would take up more space, but it would make up for this extra space with greater capacity, durability, and power. Both the products would excel in their work, but buying CR2032 due to the above-mentioned three attributes is recommended!

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