Do Mouse Pads Make A Difference?

Do mouse pads make a difference? Mousepads do make a difference, especially in gaming. It’s because the mouse can glide when it has a pad below.

This improves the precision and accuracy in times of operating a PC. Not only that, mouse pads help to keep the mouse sensors clean. So, you can stay tension free so that no cripple is going to occur in your mouse. 

We know rougher surfaces make it difficult for us to work with a mouse. But if a soft substance, like a mouse pad, is kept below, that can promote convenience to work with the mouse. Again, the fuss of friction will not appear as well.

In this article, we will discuss how a mouse pad leaves an impact to operate a PC. If you are a PC gamer, you must not skip the below abstract. So, let’s not make any further delay and get to the topic straight.

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Do Mouse Pads Make A Difference?

As said before, mouse pads do make a difference. But how? You will get to know that precisely by having a glimpse at the concept below.

A Good Mouse Is Worth It!

Obviously, the mouse pads leave an impact because it would make your mouse feel smoother. Getting any mousepad, like- a three-pack for eight dollars is far better than playing on wood or plastic. So it’s basically a no-brainer. But it is worth it to get a good mouse pad compared to a cheap one.

Mouse Pads Protects The Mouse And The Desk

Mouse pads are not meant to just make the mouse smoother while doing tasks on your PC. They are also made to protect the mouse as well as the desk.

Maintains Accuracy

Mouse pads also help with friction and gliding while playing games as well as making it more accurate.

Differences The Mouse Pads Make

Some surfaces don’t work together with mouse pads, like – glass. So why are there brands, like- Artisan who make them from 50 to 150, and what impact do all of these have on gaming? The first difference is the size. The bigger the size, the more expensive it gets.

Quality Of Mouse Pads

So one of the most popular mouse pads, the Glorious XXXL costs 50 compared to smaller and cheaper mouse pads which cost 20. The quality and material are the same. But sizing is the main factor to look at when buying a new mousepad.

The lower sense you have, the more room you need. And since most pro gamers use a low sense of around 50 to 30 inches per 360 getting a large or extra-large mouse pad, is what I recommend. I would rather do that instead of getting a quality mouse pad like the artisan’s hand. Because you won’t be utilizing the low sense with the quality.

Mouse Pads Help With Micro Adjustments

Mouse pads also help with your micro adjustments and flicks while gaming. If you get a faster mouse pad, like- the heating instead of the glorious mouse pad, tracking is easier. If you get a slower mousepad, flex would be easier. It all depends on your game and playstyle.

If you play a lot of CS or allurement, a slower pad like- the GSR would be great. Because that allows you to be more precise when holding angles.

If you play Phone A or Overwatch, go with a faster mouse pad. This will allow you to do a full turn easier as well as look up and down easier. It will also correlate with a higher sense.

Expensive Mouse Pads

An expensive mouse pad also improves durability. You might think that spending fifty dollars on a mouse pad is a rip-off. After all, it’s just a piece of cloth. But, Artisan puts more attention to the stitches and the roughness of the cloth.

For example- the zero mouse fat feels easier to stop because of its technique. Its stitching makes it harder for the cloth to fray.

The Logitech QCK is one of the most popular mouse pads out there. But they just last less than a year. This is because the edges start to come apart.

Performance Is Preferred

Well, there are many mouse pads that can last a voice of three years which eliminates the need of replacing the seven-dollar QCK every year. It’s tiring and costs more in the long run. Performance is also better with 50-dollar mouse pads.

Gives Light Feeling To The Mouse

The QCK fits everyone. But the aqua control plus for example fits especially gamers with slow sensitivities. This makes the mouse pad feel more consistent and makes it way easier to do those long-range flicks and swipes. This is also fitting for the mouse and can make the mouse feel lighter.

Cheap Mouse Pads

Some of the cheaper mice feel like a swamp that kind of swallows up your mouse and makes it feel heavier. You don’t want that, especially in gaming.

So, getting a cheap mouse pad is leaps ahead of playing on wood or plastic. But it’s better to invest in a better mouse pad that would last longer, is bigger, and gives more speed and control.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Gaming Mouse Pad And A Regular one?

A gaming mouse pad provides ergonomic support, wrist rest, and everlasting comfort. Besides, it is good for spending a long time on the PC. Whereas, a regular mouse pad does not come with any extraordinary features. It just works like a casual mouse pad. But it’s surely ergonomic.

How To Choose A Mouse Pad?

While choosing a mouse pad, the first thing you must see is the size. Try opting for a large mouse if you don’t have any problem with the overflow. But if you want a portable mouse pad that you can take anywhere, then a smaller mousepad is going to be sufficient.

Again, a soft mouse pad with good materials is preferable. Because a hard mousepad bothers with friction. Also, it should be slip-resistant and water-resistant.

What Is The Best Gaming Mouse Pad?

Here are some best gaming mouse pads mentioned below:

  • Logitech G240
  • Razer Sphex V2
  • Logitech G440
  • SteelSeries QcK Heavy XXL
  • Corsair MM1000
  • Corsair MM200 Pro Premium
  • SteelSeries QCK Medium
  • Razer Acari
  • Cooler Master MP510
  • Artisan Ninja FX Shidenkai

Is It Better To Use A Mousepad?

There is nothing like, you can’t operate a PC without a mousepad. Obviously, you can, but with some elements. However, if you grab a mousepad, that’s going to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your performance while operating the PC, especially in gaming activities.

Does A Mouse Pad Affect Your Game?

A Mouse pad prevails with some sort of micro tec texture because of the materials in them. This maintains the optical sensors of the mouse while moving it across the surface of the desk. Moreover, these mouse pads leave a direct effect on gaming as it has something to do with accuracy.

Final Thoughts

So this was all about how a mouse pad makes a difference while operating a PC. All I would say is, if you are competing at a high level, the mousepad is surely going to leave some impact.

Because, when you play a game on PC, you have to do a lot with the mouse where the friction and glide make the gamer play as he wants. But if there would be no mouse pad under the mouse, the gamer may not play as he wants.

If you are concerned more with gaming, a gaming mouse pad can be convenient for you. Because it gives ergonomic support, rest to the wrist, and so on. Meanwhile, a regular mouse pad can also do the job with simplicity.

Hopefully, the above concept was helpful enough for you to know the effects of a mouse pad. Let us know through the comment section below if you have any queries.

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