Does True Tone Save Battery Or Drain Battery?

Do you know which function on your iPhone saves battery life? You may think that true tone is responsible for saving your battery. Right? On the other side, a new wave of misinformation is sweeping the Internet as usual. According to a reporter,” It will not only increase your phone’s power consumption but also shorten its useful life”

Does true tone save the battery or drain the battery? Apple’s True Tone display has caused a lot of concerns over the last few months. Many people suspect that it is a power-hungry system. It’s really confusing for us to figure out what’s true.

We will try to explain this real problem logically without relying on any information. After reading this content, you will figure out the information that you have been looking for.

What Is The True Tone of An iPhone?

The latest phones from Apple offer a new feature called True Tone. With True Tone enabled, your screen uses information about your surroundings.

So, what exactly does this mean?

Basically, here is what happens when you enable TrueTone on your iOS device: At dusk or dawn, TrueTone will automatically adjust the white balance of the screen. It helps to match the ambient light faster than before the screen.

It will do this based on the geographical location of the device. After sunset, True Tone will make dynamic adjustments to the display color. It will try to maintain the same level of brightness.

Is The iPhone True Tone Good For The Eyes?

Most of the devices including all iPhones and Ipads have screens that emit blue light. Blue light is a type of light that is close to UV rays in terms of energy and it has been known to be harmful to our eyes.

TrueTone reduces the amount of blue light emitted by your iPhone or iPad screen. This means you are less likely to strain your eyes when using your device.

Though there’s currently no evidence to suggest that looking at an iPhone or iPad screen causes long-term damage. However, because of the short wavelengths and high energy blue light has been shown to have a negative effect on sleep quality.

Does True Tone Save Battery or Draining Battery?

The truetone feature adjusts your screen so that it doesn’t contribute more to the ambient light than necessary. Your phone will go to sleep faster if you use the true tone. Because it adjusts the brightness to a level that matches the surrounding. In this sense, true tone saves your battery.

But, if you are a traveler or frequently change a light or dark room, then it’s a problem. Then, there is a chance to drain your battery because of the frequent up-down situation.

So, should I enable True Tone?

Actually, it depends on your current situation. If you don’t need to change your place frequently, then the true tone is a good option to save your battery.

How Do Enable or Disable True Tone on iPhones And iPad?

If you didn’t let your iPhone or iPad enable or disable true tone, then your iPhone or iPad will not be in a normal state. Because of this, it won’t be comfortable to use and you can’t have the best experience.

By the way, if you don’t enable or disable true tone on your iPhone or iPad at the right time, the life of the battery will become shorter and shorter because of this.

Apply These 5 Simple Steps to Enable True Tone on iPhone or iPad:

 Step 01: To enable true on iPhone or Ipad battery, first open the Settings app.

Step 02: Next, tap on General. Then select Accessibility.

Step 03: Under the heading Vision, find and toggle on VoiceOver.

Step 04: If you have an iPhone X or later, or an iPad with Face ID, swipe up from the bottom of your screen. Then, pause slightly in the middle of the screen to activate the App Switcher.

Step 05: On an iPhone 8 and earlier, double-click the Home button to activate the App Switcher.

Apply These 4 Simple Steps to Disable True Tone on iPhone or iPad:

Step 01: Go to settings first to open your iPhone or iPad.

Step 02: Now go to Display & Brightness.

Step 03: At the Display & Brightness, you see a True Tone option.

Step 04: It is a toggle button, now toggle it off to disable true tone on your phone or iPad.

If you want battery backup with more life then disable true tone from your phone and enjoy. But, if you are really interested in using it, then you should adjust your display to ”true tone”.

How To Adjust Your Display: Manually or Automatically?

So, you are interested in adjusting your display with a true tone. There are two options to adjust your phone’s display. Manually or automatically. But, which one is the best to adjust your display with true tone?

If you are an iPhone user, you know how cool it is to automatically adjust the brightness of your screen according to you. But manually adjusting also has some advantages.

Let’s see,

Practical Benefits of Adjusting Brightness Manually With True Tone.

  •  Adjusting brightness manually with true tone allows you to view your screen more clearly in the dark.
  • It helps you to control screen lighting in a good way.
  • This preserves battery life and increases your phone’s charge.
  • It results in a better screen experience.

Practical Benefits of Adjusting Brightness Automatically

  • It helps you adjust your iPhone brightness according to your surrounding condition and environment.
  • Truetone helps to improve the sharpness of images and text in low lights.

From our point of view, it’s better to keep an “automatic” system. It’s better to save more battery than manually.

A Side Effect of True Tone

Truetone is an awesome feature, but it sometimes has some impact on the overall user experience. Sometimes it feels like the screen is blurry and hard to read.

This is actually a side effect of the true tone feature. Most of the time, we blame everything on the phone itself. But this problem usually happens because we disable the color management option in settings and unknowingly enable the true-tone feature.

Users should know how to deal with this issue. It is always better for them to enable or disable this feature depending on the situation.

Frequently Answer Questions(FAQs)

Is True Tone Worth It On iPhone XR or Older Models?

The True Tone display technology first appeared in the iPad Pro 9.7. Then, on iPhones X and then iPhone XS it followed. True Tone automatically adjusts the temperature and brightness of the screen.

This improves visibility on the screen without having to adjust it manually every time you move. But, lower versions of iPhones don’t have this facility.

Does True Tone Work After Screen Replacement?

Would True Tone still work after your phone’s screen was replaced? Yes or No both. You needed to use a special tool to transfer the data from the old screen to the new one. Otherwise, you might lose True Tone and have issues with my touch sensitivity.

So, it’s really important to stay focused during replacing time. You should alert the expert while doing the replacement process.

Final Word

These days, manufacturers try many methods to improve their owners’ experience while using the phone. On the other hand, they also try hard so that it will save more battery as well as extend battery life. Truetone helps to adjust the brightness according to your surroundings. But, does true tone save battery or drain battery?

The above information, it’s not dependent on a few particular factors. Both have advantages & disadvantages. It depends on you.

So, guys, now we are at the end of the content. If you want to learn more then you can read our other blogs. I hope you can know more from our other posts. Thank You!

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