Does Wireless Charging Stop When Battery Is Full?

Are you concerned about draining your phone while overcharging it? The battery is the lifeblood of your phone. It’s important to keep it healthy. Sometimes the phones are fast drained because of overcharging. Does wireless charging stop when battery is full?

The blasting problem is not old. If your phone is overcharged then it can drain your battery too fast.  A tech guy commented on quora, “It’s common for your phone to drain 15% (20% maximum) in an hour if it’s working properly”. But, if the percentage is over then it is a problem.

In this content, you can learn the facts about wireless charging systems. After reading this content, you can decide whether you should keep using it or not. So, let’s get started.

Does Wireless Charging Damage Your Phone?

Wireless charging is useful. But, it is slow. The main benefit of wireless charging is- you don’t need to fumble with the charging port every time. Charging your phone during the day is fine and beneficial. On the other hand, if you charge your phone at night then it’s a problem.

So, What’s the problem with the charging time? During the daytime we are conscious and we can check our phones. But, at night we are not in the habit of checking the phone so often. So, there is a risk of overcharging. It can damage your phone’s battery and other parts also.

According to PCMag, “In Vietnam, a man’s phone exploded in his pocket. Another event is In China, a man’s hand exploded when his battery blew up.”

Another event is, “The OnePlus Nord 2 was one of the most recent examples of a smartphone explosion in 2021. The phone debuted in July.”

Can you imagine how dangerous it is? The main and maximum reason for this explosion is overcharge.

Is It OK To Leave The Phone on A Wireless Charger All Day?

Every phone’s battery has its own voltage. The battery can be damaged if it is charged with more voltage than its needs. So, it is not safe to leave your phone on a wireless charger all day.

But, if you use a wireless charger with proper voltage then it is OK to leave your phone on the wireless charger all day.

So, What should you keep in mind before leaving your phone on a wireless charger all day? Here are the tips:

  • Make sure the wireless charger is certified.
  • Use a proper voltage charger.
  • Check the phone’s battery condition before leaving it on the charger all day.
  • If you can, unplug the phone from the charger when it reaches 100%.
  • Check the phone’s temperature while it is on the charger.

If you follow these tips then you can leave your phone on a wireless charger. Otherwise, you have to face dangerous situations like phone explosions.

Do Wireless Chargers Stop Charging After 100%?

Some people buy wireless chargers to see TV ads or from e-commerce websites. They don’t have any idea about it. They know its advantages but are not aware of its disadvantages. So, they face problems.

Let’s get back to the point.

Most people have the intention to buy a wireless charger. If you have so, then think twice. Usually, wireless chargers haven’t the ability to “stop charging” when your device reaches 100%. It’s one of the most common problems that cause overcharging. As a result, our battery is running out fast.

Don’t worry! We don’t come here to disappoint you. If you have enough budget then you can buy a Fast Mag Wireless iPhone Charger. This wireless charger is not slow and it can charge your phone in less than 30 minutes.

If you can control and maintain your charging time, then it will be pretty good. But, if you are a forgetful or busy person then it will be risky for you. So, try to avoid wireless chargers.

So, what’s the price? The price is not too high but depends on your location. You will get it at $39 and installment facilities are included if you have an Apple card.

Is It Safe To Wirelessly Charge Overnight?

If you have a good wireless charger, such as Mag Wireless iPhone Charger, it’s okay to charge overnight. But, If you are using a low-quality wireless charger then it is not safe. So, it depends on the quality of the wireless charger.

So, What are the qualities of a charger that ensure you can charge your device overnight? Let’s follow the point, if all the Characteristics match with your wireless charger then you can charge wirelessly overnight.

Automatic Shut-off:

It is one of the most important features that your charger must have. If your phone is 100% charged then your charger must be automatically shut off. If you need an android automatic shut-off charger then, you can also buy this from Amazon.

Overheat Protection:

Overheat Protection is also an important feature. If your charger doesn’t have this feature then your phone may be overcharged and it will damage your phone.

Foreign Object Detection:

Foreign Object Detection is important. It will be able to detect any metal object. As a result, This will stop charging to prevent any damage.

Short Circuit Protection:

If your charger has this function, it will automatically stop charging if there is a short circuit. So, it will preserve your phone from damage.

Overcharge Protection:

If your phone supports this feature, it will stop charging when it is fully charged. As a result, it will prevent your phone from being overcharged

These are the qualities that a charger must have if you want to charge your device overnight.

What Are The Disadvantages of Wireless Charging?

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, wireless chargers also have some disadvantages. Before purchasing, you must know about it. Let’s see what the disadvantages of the wireless charger are:

  • It is slower than wired charging. (Most of them)
  • You have to keep your phone in one place while it’s charging.
  • If you use a low-quality wireless charger, it may damage your phone.
  • Wireless charging is more expensive than wired charging.

So, these are some disadvantages of wireless charging. You must consider it before purchasing a wireless charger.

Final Word

The wireless charger has benefits but then its disadvantages. You should purchase a quality wireless charger if you want to use it. If you have enough budget, then Mag Wireless iPhone Charger is the best option for you. It has all the qualities like Automatic Shut-off, Overheat Protection and most importantly Overcharge Protection system.

If you haven’t enough budget you should use your default charger. Make sure that your default charger has an Automatic Shut-off function. Try to control and maintain your charging time.

I hope this guide can help you to decide before purchasing or using a wireless charger. Thanks for your great effort.

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