Duracell AGM Vs Optima

Are you going to buy a new battery for your vehicle or other devices? But you’re confused between the two brands. If you’re unable to decide whether to choose Duracell or Optima. Then, here’s a piece of great news for you. Here, we’re going to explain all details regarding Duracell AGM Vs Optima batteries.

Although it’s quite a difficult task to choose between Duracell and optima. Because both are leading brands in the world of batteries providing quality products. However, you can ask people about both. In the end, you will find that there’s an equal ratio for both brand users.

However, every manufacturer tries to provide modifications with time to deal with the current needs of technology. But which brand is right for you? Duracell or Optima? Do you need a battery with high cold cranking amperes? or have a higher reserve capacity? Lightweight or heavier? With high-quality material? Longer warranty? Great vibration resistance? With more voltage? Affordable cost? Better start-up?

Then, in this comparison of Duracell AGM & Optima, we’re going to ease your selection by highlighting all features of both brands. Without a doubt, both brands have pros and cons. But you can choose a perfect one among both that will satisfy your all needs. Let’s dive into the definite features of Optima vs Duracell AGM.

Duracell AGM vs Optima: A Face To Face Comparison

Duracell AGM

Here’s a comparison of features for Duracell AGM and Optima. So, you can easily choose a suitable battery for your use.

Key Features of Duracell AGM Batteries:

Duracell has been providing different types of batteries since 1960 and tills now. From your tv remote to your vehicle, Duracell will accompany you everywhere. Here are some key features of Duracell AGM batteries that made it different from other brands:

Durability: Duracell batteries are highly durable whether used in low-drain devices to heavy vehicles. You will always end up with higher and long-lasting performance. This higher performance is due to modern technologies within the battery. All the modern technologies utilized within Duracell batteries are Duralock, high-density core, and power check.

Great starting performance: Everyone wants to get a battery with a great starting performance. So, they could easily operate their vehicle or device without much effort. Therefore, Duracell is doing it in the right way by providing higher starting performance without depending upon weather changes.

Lightweight: Duracell products are always lightweight. So, you can easily carry Duracell AGM batteries from one place to another, and also easy to install.

Maintainance-free: Maintenance-free batteries always provide more comfort to users. Over time, Duracell introduced EHP technology within batteries that could withstand higher temperature conditions.

Low discharge rate: Duracell batteries offer a low self-discharge rate. Due to the presence of lithium-ion chemistry within AGM design, Duracell batteries have a very low discharge rate.

Easily rechargeable: The recharging capacity of Duracell batteries is highly satisfying. Because it utilizes Ion core technology within each battery that provides amazing power. Moreover, Duracell batteries can also hold a charge for a whole year if not in use.

Dura-lock technology: Dura-lock technology is the system that maintains power within Duracell batteries. Due to dura-lock technology, all Duracell batteries have up to 10 years of lifetime.

Warranty: Warranty may vary from product to product. However, Duracell offers 2 to 5 years of warranty.

Material: Due to the presence of shock-absorbing material and superior electrolyte absorption, Duracell offers a higher level of productivity. Its material includes manganese dioxide, zinc, tin-plated brass, nickel-plated steel, and graphite.


  • Offers dura-lock technology
  • Delivers 50% more power than ordinary batteries
  • AGM design provides a very low discharge rate as compared to lead-acid batteries


  • Alkaline batteries by Duracell are bulkier
  • Provide more internal resistance that reduces the output of the battery

Types of Duracell Batteries

 Alkaline Batteries: Alkaline batteries by Duracell offer three different types that are available in five different sizes. These sizes include AAA, AA, C, D, and 9V.

  • Duracell simply is preferable for all low drain devices of the home
  • Duracell plus power utilizes dura-lock technology that provides long-lasting performance
  • Duracell ultra power is perfect for devices that require higher power to operate

Rechargeable Batteries: Duracell rechargeable batteries offer high recharging ability and could hold a charge for a whole year when it’s not in use. Moreover, Duracell offers automotive durable batteries for heavy vehicles.

Key Features of Optima Batteries:

Optima Batteries

Here are some amazing key features of Optima. Meanwhile, these flawless features have contributed to the success of optima in the world of batteries as the leading brand.

Starting power: AGM batteries tend to provide a quick start-up rather than lead-acid batteries due to their sealed mat design. So, if you’re willing to start up your vehicle within a few minutes during extreme weather conditions. Then, Optima is providing a wide range of batteries for all types of vehicles.

Reserve Capacity: The reserve capacity of optima batteries varies for different models. Although optima small batteries provide a reserve capacity of 90 minutes. While heavy batteries provide a reserve capacity of 120 minutes.

Vibration resistance: Due to the use of spiral cell technology, Optima batteries provide vibration resistance almost fifteen times more than ordinary batteries.

Cold-cranking ampere: The cold-cranking ampere of a battery means its ability to start up during cold temperatures. However, batteries with more CCA are able to provide more power to the engine. Therefore, Optima offers a higher value of CCA that ranges from product to product. But the average CCA value ranges from 750 to more than 950.

Warranty: Optima offers three years of warranty to all its users with free replacement.

Long-lasting: Due to spiral cell technology within optima batteries, they tend to resist more vibrations than other batteries. Therefore, optima offer long-lasting performance.

Anti-leak design: The manufacturing design of Optima AGM batteries has spill-proof glass. The absorbed glass mat has anti-leakage properties that provide complete resistance against acid leakage. Moreover, optima batteries are maintenance-free.

Durability and reliability: Optima batteries are highly durable and reliable due to their anti-leakage and corrosion-resistant design. Moreover, optima battery would be your traveling partner through all tough driving roads to all charming destinations.


  • Provides good CCA and RC
  • Offers more vibration resistance as compared to ordinary batteries
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Have stainless steel corrosion free studs


  • Expensive
  • Some models have small connector leads

Types of Optima Batteries

There are three main types of optima batteries that are as follows:

Optima batteries redtop: Optima batteries redtop is highly suitable for small vehicles. It provides a powerful startup with a reserve capacity of 100 minutes. Moreover, optima batteries have vibration resistance fifteen times more than ordinary batteries.

Optima batteries blue top: Optima batteries with a blue top are preferable for heavy vehicles and boats. These batteries are designed to work perfectly within damp and saltwater conditions. Moreover, its reserve capacity is 100 minutes.

Optima batteries yellowtop: Optima batteries with a yellow top are car batteries that work perfectly even during severe temperature conditions. However, its reserve capacity is 120 minutes with a very low self-discharge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many years does an optima battery last?

An optima battery could last up to four years. Furthermore, it also depends upon the regular usage of the battery.

If you’re using a battery during extreme conditions then it would last more than four years. But if you’re using a battery within normal conditions. Then, it could provide you with services for a decade.

Can a Duracell charger recharge any other battery?

Yes, you can use a Duracell charger to recharge any other brand battery. But you have to carefully read all the manual instructions for the battery before using it.

Do Duracell batteries have any effect on the environment?

Duracell batteries did not pose any harm to the environment. Because in 1993, Duracell eradicated mercury from the chemical composition of batteries. Moreover, Duracell is also struggling to remove PVC and replace it with high fiber content and PRET blisters to protect the environment.

Which battery lasts longer AGM or lead-acid?

AGM batteries last longer due to the anti-leakage properties of the Absorbed glass mat. Therefore AGM batteries provide resistance against acid leakage. However, lead-acid batteries are more prone to corrosion and have more inner resistance. Consequently, it would lead to a decrease in battery input.

Which battery among Optima and Duracell offers a lifetime warranty?

Both Optima and Duracell offer long-lasting service. But no one offers a lifetime warranty. However, both brands claim to provide ten years of service.


Hopefully, Duracell AGM vs Optima comparison cleared your all doubts. Although both brands offer multiple products but with different pros and cons. Therefore, you have to check the compatibility of your vehicle or device first. Meanwhile, many users recommend Duracell batteries because of their durable material. While many people recommend Optima due to its higher CCA.

So, if you’re in search of a battery that could provide you with an easy start-up during cold temperatures. Then, choose optima. Otherwise, you can go through the features of both brands in the above section to get answers to your all queries.

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