How To Spot Fake Yeezy Slides From Real Ones?

There are fake Yeezy slides and real Yeezy slides. The fake ones look bad because they’re fake, but the fake ones that get popular start to get good because everyone wants them!

It’s supply and demand, Yeezy slides fake supply for real demand. People just want the newest thing so when you create it someone will buy it. This post is intended for those who are looking for fashion tips on how to save money by finding cheaper alternatives. Besides, you’ll be made aware of the difference between yeezy slides real vs fake.

What Are A Fake Yeezy Slides?

Many people have found a loophole in Adidas’s patent on the shoes, and as a result, there are many Yeezy slides replicas of the shoes appearing. This is called the “Yeezy slides fake.”

The popularity of counterfeit products probably has to do with how it feels better to buy an affordable product from our area instead of something from out-of-sight overseas. However, these knock off Yeezy slides are a replica item that will not only dent your wallet but also ruin your reputation among sneakerheads.

Aside from being illegal and very expensive at $700 for just one shoe, you will no longer have access to updates or exclusive designs since having this product in your cart signals willingness to buy any pair …which means they’ll just put fake shoes and fake boxes in your package.

What Is A Real Yeezy Slide?

The first Yeezy Kicks by Kanye West were a line of Nike sneakers that were released on October 29, 2015. These shoes are said to be extremely rare and hard to come across. One shoe retailer sold a pair of the first edition Yeezy Crewnecks online every six seconds, every day for 40 days.

In September 2017, Kanye West presented his new off brand Yeezy slides called ‘Yeezy’. These are the latest Air Yeezys. Instead of being Nike’s, they are Adidas made – which Kanye reasoned by saying he wanted to have complete control over everything from design down to material choice and how high the shoe will be priced- this new concept also includes ultra-light Reebok Yeezy inspired slides.

What Are The Differences Between Real Vs Fake Yeezy slides?

There are some specific differences between fake Yeezy slides vs real ones. These are:

  • The difference lies in price as well as quality- which is why it’s important that buyers read reviews carefully before buying them online. It has been reported that there are fake yezzy slides that are valued at $2000 on the black market.
  • The fake one is made of cheap plastic and fake suede. It doesn’t have the iconic Adidas stripes on it, so if you were going to buy a pair of Yeezy slides cheap, they would be hard to identify at first glance.
  • The real ones are made with high-quality materials such as leather or Nappa leather which is found in luxury designer brands all around the world. It has a more refined and classy look that Yeezy slides for cheap can never emulate.
  • The real one is very comfortable, while the fake ones are made with cheap materials which makes them really uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

How To Spot A Counterfeit Pair Of Yeezy Shoes?

If you want to buy fake sneakers from China be ready to get fake versions of all your favorite shoes from Adidas, Nike, and more. Fake Yeezys are easy to recognize because they have high quality even though the price is very low.

By Checking the logo on the insole

You can usually tell if a pair of fake sneakers are authentic or not because they’ll have an outline similar in height to the real deal. However, these particular Adidas slides fall short with their Yeezy replica slides factory imitation footbeds being much lower than what you would find on any other type of shoes and this is something that points out right away as being fake!

The logos also aren’t like how we remember them from years ago; instead of having pale symmetrical letters which give off very quickly at first glance while looking for imperfections such as wrinkles and misspellings.

By Checking the Opening of The Frontal

The replica model’s slides have a noticeable difference when compared to the authentic one. The transition between top and bottom curves is not smooth, making it clear that these were pieces of cardboard pasted onto another piece as opposed to an entire molding made out of wood-like in our original design brief.

There is also no rounding on either side; you can see right away how sharp their edges will be because they’re completely flat from both ends!

The fake models show up better than expected: under magnification there appear more rounded forms at least until we get close enough for examination–then all bets seem off

By Checking The Interior

Make sure the interior of your Yeezy straps says “Yeezus.” If it doesn’t, then there’s a good chance you’re wearing fake merchandise. The lack of branding on an officially licensed item is already grounds for suspicion and when they misspell his name in the text (Wrongo), that makes things even worse!

The 3D lettering used here does not have much detail or definition compared to other pieces created by artist Kanye West; instead, these badly engraved typefaces provide little insight into who made them—a problem common across all three methods we’ve seen so far today: using metal foil paper cutouts surrounded

By Checking The Sizing Tags

The size of fonts is important in the authentication process. In this case, we can see that one replica’s sizing tag failed to copy well because it was too bold and big while Authentics are tiny with an asymmetrical right-side picture when compared side by side. A good example would be Adidas ‘ text which appears pale on the fake stickers but should be thick and legible instead.

By Checking The Full Body

The model might look pretty simple, but replicating it is not that easy when you don’t have high-quality materials. For example, the authentic sole has a sharp and defined look whereas fakes only replicate its shape without capturing any details such as tips or ridges on their slides which makes them easier to spot by looking at certain features more closely than others – in this case, we can tell they’re fake because of how rounder those edges are compared with what should be seen among real VSOs (venomous snakes).

How Much Do Replica Yeezy Slides Cost?

Typically, replica Yeezy slides reps price $50.00 and up. If the weaver wants to get paid more for their work, they might charge more than $ 200 bucks- and for some people, that’s just reasonable.

Well, this is really dependent on who you’re talking about and what kind of shoe exactly they’re making the best Yeezy slides replica of. What the differences in materials may be defines how much it would cost to get such a duplicate made- so if you want some Yeezys using real leather or even lambskin lining, these shoes will be substantially more expensive because cheap Nike shoes wouldn’t need to use high-quality materials like these.

So if you’ve got money to spend on Yeezy knock off slides, you’ll have to know what kind of materials they use for this work.

Things To Consider Before Buying the Best Fake Yeezy slides

  • While you might think that buying a cheap Yeezy slide is a bit less risky than buying an ID from an online dealer, it can be just as bad.
  • The first con is the quality, which may not be anywhere near as good as other slides on the market.
  • Cheaper leathers are often used for shoes like these and typically don’t last very long.
  • Next up is the visibility of your sandals to law enforcement or offices looking to take away your contraband sandal faster than you can blink, since they’ll know exactly what to look out for.
  • Basically, if you think about it logically – these sandals are already too recognizable without adding “Yeezy” onto the label!
  • Lastly, many people who budget less to buy Yeezy foam slides are suggested not to be fooled by buying such counterfeit.


Fake Yeezy is a phenomenon in the sneaker industry. They have been around for years, but they’re more popular than ever. If you want to know where to buy knock off Yeezy slides? You can buy rep Yeezy slides on eBay or Amazon–or you could always just make your own!

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