Is Fast Charging Bad For Iphone?

According to Statista, ” More than 113 million people are using iPhone in the United States”. We need a fast charging system for our smartphones to save time and increase productivity.

With the new iPhone, Apple has developed and introduced fast charging. Fast charging lets you charge your battery to 50% in just 30 minutes. Is fast charging bad for iPhones?

Fast charging is mentioned to cause some strain on your battery, shortening your iPhone’s battery life. We are not talking about all the iPhone models. It depends on the model you are using and several factors. In this article, I’ll reveal which model is the best for using a fast charging system. Keep calm and enjoy the whole content.

Is Fast Charging Bad For iPhone: Based on The iPhone Model

There is a lot of controversy about fast charging. However, at its core, the purpose of fast charging is to charge your phone quickly. I have seen numerous arguments from both sides of the fence when it comes to fast charging. Some call it revolutionary and others call it something that will burn out your device prematurely.

Though fast charging has a lot of advantages but also has some defeats for different models. In this section, I’ll describe which model is the best for using fast charging.

In iPhone 13 pro max

Apple’s maximum supported charging rate for the iPhone 13 models is slightly lower than the 25W rate offered by Android phones.

A key difference between Android and iOS devices when it comes to fast charging is that Apple’s iPhones come bundled with a slow 5W charger in the box. On the other hand, most of the competing Android devices ship with a faster 18W or 20W charger.

The best way to charge your iPhone 13 is to get a third-party USB-C Power Delivery (PD) adapter. It supports the full 20W charging speed. A quick charge at the right time will keep you powered up for hours of use long before it’s time for dinner.

In iPhone 11/10(X or XS Max)

Fast charging does bring a good experience to users. The new fast charging technology brings users a faster charging experience. It is a good choice to support the fast charging technology for iPhone 11/10.

iPhone 11/10 takes over three hours to charge this phone fully. But with Fast Charging support, you can use it while it charges. So, you can take good advantage of using the fast charging system in iPhone 11 or iPhone X or XS max.

In iPhone 6/7 or lower version

If you have an iPhone 6 or 7, Fast Charging won’t work for you. The fast charging feature was introduced with the iPhone X and 8 Plus.

A 12W iPad charger will recharge your iPhone 6/7 faster than the standard 5W wall plug. A USB-C wall charger and lightning-to USB-C cable will let you fast charge your iPhone 6/7.

Some 3rd party companies suggest using a fast charging charger, but you shouldn’t buy those chargers. This not only damages your phone’s battery but also decreases its performance.

What Is Magsafe And Is It Bad For The Battery?

Magsafe is a cool innovation for charging wirelessly. It uses magnets to snap your charger onto your phone. Magnets don’t get hot, which is better for your phone. You can easily remove your phone from its charger without worrying about stress or damage.

The big advantage is that it is compatible with most Apple products. So, Magsafe is a better, faster, friendlier type of charging.

Is It Bad For The Battery?

According to our survey-

People have found that using an iPhone 13 pro max MagSafe for a long time drains the power of the battery. They say that it affects the ability of their battery to hold its charge longer.

The life of the battery becomes shorter. Those people are blaming Magsafe for the shortened life span of the battery.

Disadvantages of Fast Charging

Everyone knows the plenty of advantages of fast charging. It provides an efficient, safe, and fast charging experience to users. However, with the fast development and popularity of mobile phones, there are some problems that arise from it. Let’s talk about them in detail.

  • The different quality chargers may lead to problems while fast charging.
  • Battery life will degrade faster than normal charging. It’s not that cheap to buy the extra hardware.
  • If the charger is not branded or the wire you are using is not genuine, then it can result in an explosion or damage to the phone.
  • It also results in the heating of the phone(less than normal charging). But it is still not good for the battery’s health as it can lead to swelling of the battery too.

Is It Safe To Charge My Phone Overnight?

Yes, it is safe to leave your smartphone plugged into the charger overnight. You don’t have to think too hard about preserving your smartphone’s battery, especially overnight.  While any modern charger will cut out after fully charging your phone, things get a little more complicated.

If you use your phone while it’s charging, or if you charge it in a place that gets particularly hot, then there’s a chance for damage to the battery.  So, you shouldn’t charge your phone overnight.

How Long Does My iPhone Take to Charge?

When using your iPhone’s AC adapter, it takes about 2½ hours to get a full charge. If you use a fast charger, you can expect to get your phone fully charged in under an hour.

The amount of charge in the battery does not directly correlate to the number of hours it takes to charge. You should not leave your iPhone plugged in overnight.

The best way to extend battery life is to avoid using your phone excessively and charge it at least once a day.

Remember: You can help improve your iPhone’s battery life by turning down display brightness, and turning on low-power mode.

Final Word

Some people believe that fast charging is better than the normal charging time. They think fast charging is safe and convenient. But a variety of tests have shown that this idea is not entirely right.

If a phone needs more current to charge, it will lead to damaging the battery. The issue lies in the lithium-ion batteries used by phones. These batteries include lithium and metallic copper as their active materials. It means that fast charging will lead to heat generation from the battery.

So, the decision is yours! You can use it according to your needs. So, guys, now we are at the end of the end. If you have any questions you can ask me by leaving a simple comment.

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