Kindle Battery Exclamation Point

Kindles are very helpful for digitally storing books and carrying them anywhere to read. However, with our busy lives, we often run out of time. If you found your old Kindle lying around and tried starting it back up, there is a high chance of the Kindle battery exclamation point showing up.

How do you fix this to have your Kindle functioning like normal again? We hope this written piece helps you with the given tips and steps.

What Does A Kindle Battery Exclamation Point Mean?

We often find single-purpose devices such as a Kindle, MP3, or DVD player collecting dust in an abandoned corner of our house. The downside to this is when you want to charge it back up and use it again, the neglected battery may not respond as expected.

Kindle uses a Lithium-ion battery. If the device is not charged for an extended period, it is normal for the battery not to be able to hold a charge anymore. Another property is that these batteries will no longer have the original payoff amount as time passes.

So, as you take your old Kindle out after a few months of being idle, plugging it in may not simply turn it on as before. Instead, a battery sign pops up with an exclamation point on it. This image indicates the battery is not able to charge. Now, the issue can be caused by a few things.

Seeing the Kindle battery exclamation mark (which leads you here) is a sign that the chances of a hardware problem are high. This, although still a hassle, is an indication of less work to fix the Kindle. In other words, you might be able to get your Kindle up and running at home.

Troubleshoot Other Factors

Before fixing the Kindle battery exclamation point, you could check if other matters are playing into the issue itself. Just like you would troubleshoot your phone or computer not charging.

First, point out if the charging cable or adapter has a problem and is not connecting correctly. An improperly wrapped cord can have several disconnecting points in itself.

If you have a spare line or can borrow one from a friend, you can connect with the spare one to see if your Kindle starts to charge. The same goes for the adapter. Read the voltage on the adapter to make sure it matches. You do not want to damage the Kindle with a high power supply.

Instead of an adapter, you can connect your Kindle directly to a computer or laptop. Do not leave your Kindle unattended with a laptop without charge.

Since lithium-ion batteries have less capability of holding a charge over time, depending on your usage time, your Kindle battery may be expired. However, we know that replacing a battery will not be your first choice. You can try charging your Kindle overnight to see if it powers up.

On the non-technical side, dust may stand in the way of letting your Kindle charge up. The ports that have accumulated dust often can be a quick fix at home, but it does not even cross your mind.

We have seen cases where a customer takes their dead device to a technician only to clean the charging port and cop a hundred bucks minimum. So be nice to your pocket and clean your charging port at home.

Use a compressed air bulb or a toothpick to get any dust particles out carefully. Do not blow into the port with your mouth, since moisture can deteriorate the situation. Finally, you can also check your power outlet by trying to charge any other device to see if it is working fine.

How Do I Fix The Exclamation Mark On My Kindle Battery?


Most of us are familiar with resetting our cellular devices when they are not responding. It is an immediate step for many of us that work almost all the time. You may utilize the exact idea in this case. Hold the power button of your Kindle down for 40 seconds to hard reset it.

Do not get disheartened on your first try. Keep resetting it while plugged in and again while not connected or charging.

Check Charging Light

When plugging the charging cable into your Kindle, check for a small light at the bottom, right side of the port. The Kindle charging light orange means your battery is charging, and green stands for fully charged.

If you do not see the light, know that there seems to be a connection problem with the battery and it is not charging. You can then troubleshoot other parameters such as the cable, adapter, and outlet, as mentioned in a previous section.

Connect to PC

This step is mentioned lightly before but can be a method to get your fix. If you have charged your Kindle for over 6 hours and the light at the bottom is still orange, you may try other methods. Connect your Kindle to a personal computer and see if resetting it removes the exclamation mark.

Reconnect Battery Cords

If nothing seems to work and you still want to take matters into your own hands, you can open up your Kindle with a thin card. Before disconnecting any lines, you can take a picture to reference where things are supposed to be.

Now there should be a line connecting to the battery. Simply remove it and connect it back again. Then attach the back on to check if the Kindle starts up.

Professional Repair

If these steps fail to start your Kindle and there is nothing else you can find online, we suggest getting it repaired professionally. For the future, take your Kindle out once in a while and keep its software up to date.


How Long Will A Kindle Battery Last Before Needing A Replacement?

After three years, you should consider getting your Kindle a new battery. Each Kindle battery life depends on the Kindle model and how you are handling it. You can find the respective battery times online.

Final Words

After using a device for a long time, we know it can be hard to let go due to nostalgia. Hence this piece aims to get your Kindle back up and running with a few different fixes for a Kindle battery exclamation point.

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