Ways To Play Roblox on Laptop Without Mouse

Anyone starting, from kids to adults, can be addicted to games in today’s age because they are entertaining and a good way of passing free time. Roblox is a very well-known platform for playing different types of games but not only, and you can develop games as well.

Suppose you love playing games or are interested in developing games. In that case, you should be familiar with Roblox, as it is a broad platform. Anyone can quickly get access to Roblox.

Keep reading this article to learn some detailed information on how to play Roblox on a laptop without a mouse.

How To Play Roblox on Laptop Without Mouse?

People who have played Roblox in the past or are aware of it will know that playing Roblox requires you to have a keyboard and a mouse. The avatar needs to move around, and certain options are required, which a keyboard and mouse provide. You can also play Roblox on your home computer or laptop without a mouse. Here is how –

Gaming controller: Use a gaming controller by plugging the controller into the USB port in your laptop. It helps you with more precision, and you can also play on your laptop if placed a bit far away.

Keyboard and trackpad: Both keyboard and mouse are necessary to use this game’s features. Still, if there is no mouse, then a trackpad is required, or else you will not be able to access many settings in the menu from just a keyboard. A trackpad is needed to zoom in and out or to rotate the surroundings.

Moreover, an on-screen menu pops up while playing, which cannot be toggled without a trackpad. Keys such as W, A, S, and D are needed from a keyboard for the avatar to move around and do certain tasks. The number keys are needed for changing weapons, shifting positions, or holding any object.

Mouse emulator: First, you must install a mouse emulator and set it up with your keyboard. This helps you to assign specific keys on a keyboard to work like a mouse as a substitute.

From the quick settings, keys of your preference can be assigned to do the wanted job, or you can also add multiple key settings from the plus icon. The ctrl or alt keys from the keyboard can also be used. From the more settings options, you can add a more detailed setting.

How To Play Roblox

Roblox is not just a game but can also be a chance for players to unveil their creativity. Users can build up their world of the game in Roblox, interact with other players, and see what they are up to. To start playing Roblox, follow these steps.

  • On In your device, from the App Store or Good Play, download the Roblox app. If you are on your laptop or PC, go to the Roblox website.
  • Then, create an account. The Roblox homepage will require you to fill out a bunch of lines and click “My Roblox”.
  • For customizing your profile, you can get shirts or pants from the catalog section and style them on your avatar.
  • Then, you can alter the site settings as per your wish. If you are registering the account for your child, enable parental controls.
  • Having the Roblox Player is important to play a game of choice. Download it, and you can start playing the game online.

Once you are done setting up the account, you can start building houses and exploring as you wish. As you have played the game for quite some time, you will learn all the basic things needed, such as the keys needed to move the camera.

Is A Mouse Necessary For Playing Roblox?

While keys are necessary for the avatar to move around and do certain tasks, a mouse must see around and zoom in or out whenever required. Moreover, you will not be able to access certain options in the menu or toggle the on-screen menu if you only use a keyboard during the game.

People playing the game on their phones do not need a keyboard or mouse since all the features are accessible from the touch screen. But if you are on your laptop or computer, then playing the game without a mouse would be a tough choice.

You will have to make certain alignments with your keyboard to act as a substitute for the mouse so that moving around becomes easy.

Even still, getting access to the various options from the menu bar or setting becomes hard when you do not have a mouse.

You cannot click on your desired option if you are only using a keyboard. Roblox does not require any payment to be installed. Still, you can make various in-app purchases and for that, having a mouse is necessary as it lets you select the choices.

It is best to go for a trackpad if the mouse pad is unavailable or you cannot use it, as there are many features you will be missing out on if the mouse is gone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Device Do Most People Use To Play Roblox?

Most people use a mobile or tablet to play Roblox as it is fun, less time-consuming, and you can access the game even if you are not at home. All you need is a stable internet connection.

Is Roblox Free To Download or Access?

Roblox is free on all devices for downloading, and opening an account on it will not require any amount for the deposit. However, certain in-app purchases can be made using real cash.

On The Website, Is It Possible To Play Roblox?

Visit Roblox.com or download the app on Google Play and App Store. Just type in roblox.com to your browser’s address bar. Follow this link to access the webpage in question. The game is playable on a wide variety of platforms.


Roblox is a fun, free, and innovative game that helps players pass the time and entertain themselves while expressing their creativity. You can access Roblox from any device you are using as it is a free app.

If you don’t have a mouse and are concerned about not being able to play games that generally demand one, don’t be. So you can still have fun, we have shown you the finest three alternatives on how to play roblox on laptop without mouse and answered some common questions.