Is It Worth Replacing Ipad Battery?

Are you thinking about replacing the battery for your iPad? There is a lot of debate about the battery charge in the iPad. Some people recommend replacing the iPad’s battery. On the other hand, some people suggest buying a new iPad but keeping the old one around as a backup. So, is it worth replacing iPad battery?

The average lifespan of an iPad battery is about two to four years. You can check the voltage of your iPad’s battery. If it’s less than 3.6 volts, it’s probably not worth changing the battery.

If it’s more than 3.6 volts, you should consider replacing it. Besides, there are several facts that you should consider. In this article, I’ll try to explain to you whether or not you need to change your iPad’s battery.

4 Symptoms To Upgrade Your iPad: Reasons To Buy A New iPad

Have you ever experienced that your iPad’s battery condition turns worse? You can’t even use your iPad in a single day. Like this problem, there are 4 symptoms that help you to recognize upgrading your devices today!

iPadOS Compatibility:

The first symptom to upgrade your iPad is iPadOS compatibility. Sometimes, the user gets stuck in issues like the iPad won’t turn on, etc. These sorts of errors only occur if the software is outdated or not supportive. Then you must buy the latest version of iPadOS. At last, it would be great if you opt for support from professionals who can resolve your issues.

Apps Crashing:

The 2nd symptom to upgrade your iPad is Apps crashing. Your device should be able to load new Apps fastly and quickly. If you face your apps not working well or sometimes failing to open then you should buy a new device. To improve the performance of your iPhone, you should upgrade it when you notice the symptoms above.

Low Storage:

The 3rd symptom of upgrading your iPad is Low storage. To install a new app, you might have to delete several data from your iPad. After deleting several data, we can see that you have not installed any apps to show a warning of low storage on your iPad. So, now it’s time to buy another iPad.

Poor Battery Life:

The 4th symptom of upgrading your iPad is Poor battery life. The battery is one of the most important things for completing our work. If your iPad’s battery lifespan seems shorter than usual, it may need to be replaced.

5 Reasons To Replace iPad Battery: Is It Worth Replacing iPad Battery?

If you feel that your iPad is not functioning properly then you must know that it may be because of the battery. Everyone is not capable of buying a new iPad instantly. For them, replacing a new battery is worth it. So, there are several reasons to replace the battery here they are:


Overheating is the 1st reason to replace the iPad’s battery. The performance and lifespan of the battery are decreasing due to overheating. So, if your device has an overheating problem, it’s time to replace the old one.

Swelling of Battery:

The swelling of the battery is the 2nd reason to replace the iPad’s battery. Swelling of the battery can occur if your device has a defect in battery manufacturing or a fault exists in device design. The swelling of the battery can lead to other major problems like overheating and the explosion of your device.

Dimming Display:

Often the most complaining reason for a battery replacement is due to the dimming display.  If you find the display of your iPad dimmer than it used to be, it’s time to replace the battery. The dimming display is a sign that the battery is having problems retaining its charge.

Short Lifespan:

Ideally, an iPad battery should serve you at least for 2 or 3 years. But some users complain that their batteries are not holding charge even for a few months. The major reason for it is the short lifespan of the iPad battery. Now, the time will come to change your iPad battery.

Low Performance:

The low performance of the iPad or iPhone can be caused due to the death of battery cells. If the “low-power mode” is not turned on, but feels slow and unresponsive, this may be because of the old battery. If you are facing this issue then it’s time to replace it.

5 Benefits of Replacing The IPad’s Battery

Replacing the iPad’s battery is useful. There are many benefits of replacing a battery. In this section, we will highlight 5 benefits. Let’s have a look.

Increase The Resale Value:

A new battery will last longer. Replacing a new battery will increase the resale value of the iPad. After that, your device will get faster.

Improve Appearance:

The appearance of the device may get changed after replacing the battery. It can make the device free from any short circuit.

Performance Boost:

After replacing the battery you can get better performance than before. Moreover, your device will run smoothly.

Unexpected Shutdown:

It helps to fix any heating issue with your iPad device. Overheating causes frequent shutdowns. You can get relief from any kind of unexpected shutdown while using any app or internet on an iPad.

Save Money:

It is comparatively cheaper to a new battery than to buy a brand new iPad or a second-hand one. A good replacement of the battery will add a life span to your iPad

Best Way To Replace Your iPad Battery

Replacing your iPad’s battery is not so hard, you can do this by yourself. Here is, how can you replace your iPad’s battery yourself. Let’s see step-by-step guidelines.

Step 01: Shut down your device and unplug it.

Step 02: Remove the back cover with a suction cup or plastic opening tool (gently).

Step 03: Remove the front display assembly by slowly lifting up the front panel.

Step 04: Gently disconnect all cables. Then, remove the old battery with a plastic opening tool (gently).

Step 05: Install the new battery with a plastic opening tool (gently).

Step 06: Replace the front display assembly by reconnecting all cables. Then, carefully snapping it into place.

Step 07: Replace the back cover by inserting tabs into slots. Then, press down gently until the cover fits snugly against the back of the device.

Frequently Answer Questions(FAQs)

Why It’s Not Wise To Replace Your iPad’s Battery Yourself?

If you are an iPad user, you must be familiar with the term “dead battery”. The gadget just won’t hold a charge and charging it is the only way out. I see many people trying DIY to replace an iPad battery. They do it themselves on YouTube. Then, complain loudly that they have destroyed their device because they did not know how to replace the battery.

If you are one of such persons then I beg you to hit that pause button immediately. You do not want to take risks by replacing your own iPad battery.

Why Might Your iPad’s Battery Drain Quicker Than Normal?

When seems like the battery of your iPad is draining too quickly, then you can ask your question “Why might your iPad’s battery drain quicker than normal?”. So, you are annoyed with the decreased battery life iPad. Here is why your iPad’s battery drains quicker than normal:

  • If you are running any apps that are not being used.
  • If your iPad is set to keep your screen very bright.
  • If your Wifi is on, but there’s no network around.
  • If the Background App Refresh feature is enabled.
  • If you’ve activated the Personal Hotspot option.

Final Word

Sometimes we decided to buy a brand new iPad rather than use the old device.  However, we strongly suggest you think twice while making this decision. The interface of the original iPad and after-market iPad batteries is the same, but they have some differences inside. It depends on your investment if you should buy a new iPad or just replace its battery.

So, if you have enough budget then you should go with the new one and take the old iPad as a secondary. But, if your budget is limited then you can replace your battery instead of buying. So, the decision is yours. Wish you the best of luck.

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