Vegetables That Start With I

Vegetables that start with I, are great for those who might be struggling to get their daily vegetable servings. Vegetables such as Italian parsley, iceberg lettuce, and even Ivorian cabbage can help you reach your daily food serving goals without having to eat bland foods that aren’t quite what you’re looking for.

If you’re like us and you love to eat vegetables, then this blog post is for you. You see, we’ve created a list of vegetables that start with the letter I. It’s important to know what vegetables are good for your health, and this blog post will help educate you on some great options!

Here Is a List of The Vegetables That Start With I Which Helps!

As you learn about vegetables that start with the letter h, you may be interested in the vegetable starting with the next letter. If you haven’t tried vegetable names start with I yet then take a chance and give them a try today!

The eye-catching vegetables that start with the letter i are ixia, ikura, and itu. Ixias are small yellow squash shaped like an egg. Ikuras are pink saltwater fish eggs used in sushi dishes all across Japan. Itus are small green beans from India known for their flavor and tender texture.

  • Indian peas
  • Ice plant
  • Irish moss
  • Italian red onion
  • Italian sweet pepper
  • Iceberg Lettuce
  • Imbe
  • Indian corn
  • Italian parsley
  • Ivory Coast spinach
  • Ivorian cabbage
  • Ixora
  • Jackfruit
  • and more! Read it for the full list!

Explore In Details of The Vegetable Beginning With I

Here you will be given all the information on each veggie starting with I so that you can be a well-informed consumer when it comes to your food choices. It is important to understand where our food comes from and how it was grown or raised before we eat it. We want to make sure we are eating healthy foods for our bodies so they can stay strong and live long lives!

Indian Peas:

Indian peas are one of the many plants to come from ancient cultivation. They have beautiful violet and indigo flowers, which make them popular for decoration during celebrations in East Asian countries like China or Japan where they’re grown.

Specifically, because these colors can be seen well at night against a dark sky when illuminated by firelight while some European people consume Indian pea seeds instead who traditionally did not eat it before due to its danger neurotoxin but now there’s been an increase of interest over recent years with farm-to-table movements gaining popularity.

Health Benefits:

  • These also help in controlling high blood pressure, while vitamin C present in green peas helps build immunity.
  • Minerals such as calcium keep our bones strong.
  • Magnesium works to regulate the electrical potentials within cells- without it, we cannot conduct enough electricity from one end of a cell membrane.
  • They have a calming effect on the body’s central nervous system that reduces anxiety levels caused by worry or stress!

Ice Plant:

The ice plant, or Livingstone eryngo, is a perennial succulent herb from the genus Maurandya of the family Capparidaceae. It’s native to Africa and found as an ornamental plant in many Asian countries.

The plant is indigenous to the interior rocky regions of Southern Africa and has been introduced into the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa as an ornamental garden plant.

In heaths it is a ground cover, seldom becoming more than 8 cm high but up to 100 cm across where conditions are favorable – especially on sandstone or granite with shallow earth pockets that retain water for short periods after rain showers during dry summers. Most ice plants live within 30 degrees latitude south of the equator.

Health Benefits:

  • The juice of the Ice plant is rich in vitamins A, B, and C.
  • It also contains mineral salts that heal cutaneous wounds as well antiseptic properties which can be used topically for infections or taken internally on an empty stomach to treat digestive problems like ulcers.
  • The astringent component seals damaged blood vessels so it may act as a coagulant when mixed with water!
  • It also contains antiseptic properties which can be used topically for infections or taken internally on an empty stomach to treat digestive problems like ulcers.

Irish Moss:

It is also known as carrageenan, its Latin name being Chondrus crispus or Gigartina mamilla. Pronunciation varies between English-speaking countries.

Irish moss is eaten in Ireland and is mainly used for thickening agents. Irish moss has a particularly high gelling point making it ideal for commercial use. Other uses of Irish moss include bedding, cattle foodstuff, water absorption agent, and clarifying agent in beer industries among others.

Health Benefits:

  • Irish moss is often used in ice cream to stabilize it and give it its distinctive flavor.
  • Its high protein content helps the blood sugar levels remain stable—avoiding dips that lead to hunger pangs.
  • It has been found that minerals such as iron, potassium, and iodine may be better absorbed from this type of food when compared to other vegetables.
  • Vegetarians often turn to this type of diet when they need more protein in their diet.

Italian Red Onion:

Italian red onion vegetable is a hot, sweet, and sour dish. Served with rice or bread, it’s supposed to aid digestion. It originated in northern Italy where red onions are prized for their sweetness and were often served at the end of a meal to help cleanse the palate before coffee or liqueurs.

Its name comes from its resemblance to an Italian flag and also because originally meats such as dried beef were used in cooking it rather than vegetables.

Health Benefits:

  • Italian red onion vegetable is a strong source of many useful vitamins and minerals.
  • It is A and C contents serve as powerful anti-oxidants while also maintaining iron levels to promote healthy blood.
  • A study found that having one or two fresh onions a day can help you cut risks for heart disease, cancer, and high blood pressure.

Italian Sweet Pepper:

Italian sweet peppers are very versatile. They can be eaten raw or cooked, and since they are mild in flavor, they can be added to dishes without changing the taste much.

Besides this, I like to fry them with olive oil for a few minutes before adding other vegetables (e.g., spinach) and cover it until ready (takes about 10 minutes). I often mix it with other grilled vegetables for a mouth-watering mix just before serving it on top of my vegetable pizza.

Health Benefits:

  • Italian sweet pepper is an excellent low calorie, low fat, and high fiber food.
  • When they pick, their sugar content is very low making them great for preserving because the sugar turns into Acetic Acid while preserving.
  • They also have a more broad range of vitamins and minerals than many other peppers with twice the potassium of yellow banana peppers for example!
  • Finally, Italian Sweet Peppers can provide up to 18% of your Vitamin C needs per day!

Iceberg Lettuce:

Iceberg lettuce is the most popular type of lettuce in America because it tastes great when served raw in salads. Iceberg lettuce is used to make iceberg wedges, recipes, and much more!

It’s also packed with vitamins A and C. Unlike other lettuces that are delicate or prefer softer soils, the iceberg performs well even in areas where summers are unsurpassable hot. This has allowed it to become a staple vegetable for do-it-yourself salad makers all over the world.

Health Benefits:

  • The nutrients in Iceberg Lettuce vegetables are best for your diet if you’re looking to lose weight.
  • It has the highest water content of any lettuce, which is very helpful during times when you can’t get enough fluids into your body.
  • It also contains Vitamin C and A, both of which help guard against colds and other infections.
  • This leafy green is high in calcium–a nutrient that is essential for building healthy bones and ridding the body of toxins


The list of vegetable names that start with i is extensive and includes items like Ichiban, ice plant, and iris. If you find yourself facing a vegetable dish without an ingredient in the name starting with I, don’t fret!

There are plenty to choose from. Consider using ingredients such as Italian parsley or Ivanhoe potatoes for your next recipe. We hope this article has helped enlighten you on some lesser-known veggies that can add flavor and nutrition to any meal.

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