Will A Trickle Charger Charge A Dead Battery?

If you have not used a vehicle for a long time, whether it be for the snow or you have a spare, there is a high possibility of your car battery being completely depleted or dead. Although a trickle charger could avert this, had you attached one before? But, what about now? Will a trickle charger charge a dead battery?

Will A Trickle Charger Charge A Dead Battery?

So, now you know how to keep your battery from completely discharging when not using it. But what about the old dead batteries before you knew? Will a trickle charger charge a dead battery? Unless it is damaged, yes, it will.

Keep in mind that a trickle charger provides very small amounts of charge at a time. Hence, it will take much longer to charge a battery when compared to a regular charger. If you have a charger of one ampere, it will take around 48 hours. For a charger of two amperes, it will take about 24 hours.

The above scenarios are given that both the batteries are chargers are in good condition and wired correctly. If you are experiencing longer charging hours, there could be a flaw in any of them. A good idea in such a case is to get a professional’s help to ensure everything works well.

Trickle Charger – Definition

Trickle chargers are not your regular vehicle battery charger. With new or other types of chargers, the charger will stop packing charges when the battery cycle is complete. A trickle charger keeps charging, providing a low ampere of electrical current. However, this is not a flaw. The slow yet constant delivery of charge through a trickle charger can benefit a car battery in a number of cases.

Trickle chargers are also called battery maintainers since the supply of charge matches the rate at which your car battery is being discharged, which ranges from about one to three amps.

You might be thinking you can just keep your regular charger plugged into the battery and get the same desired result. A standard charger supplies a much higher level of current. This could lead your car battery to overcharge, causing damage.

When To Use A Trickle Charger?

Now that you know what a trickle charger is and what it does, you should know when a trickle charger for car batteries comes into great use.

If you have a vehicle lying around that you do not use regularly, the battery discharges and eventually dies. A flat battery can be revived with a jump start.

However, this is not guaranteed since if the vehicle and battery are in poor condition or old, the battery may require a replacement. Some may not like to play with this probability. They prefer taking precautionary steps, such as installing a trickle charger.

With a trickle charger charging the battery, your vehicle can be ready for use whenever you need it. A spare car for emergencies can heavily benefit from this method. In a cold country with bad weather such as snow, if you have a pregnant woman getting prepared for labor, a dead battery can prove to be a hassle.

However, this is not just for emergencies. We often find a hobby that we cannot practice all the time. With spare motorbikes or golf carts, the batteries may go dead by not being used. Again, you can attach a trickle charger to prevent the batteries from taking that route.

Safety Precautions

Is trickle charging safe? Without proper steps taken, trickle chargers can cause calamities just like any other electrical item. So, what are some safety precautions you should take when charging with a trickle charger?

Check Surroundings

With your car engine hood open and battery charging, you do not want anything to fall onto the open parts. Even inside a garage, check for any faulty ceiling that has the potential of leaking liquids. Also, make sure to switch off the ignition before starting the charging process.


If your car battery is attached to a trickle charger in a confined space, the chances of a fire can arise. Trickle chargers are designed to function for a long time before damaging the battery.

However, they also produce surplus hydrogen gas. If a large quantity of this gas gets stored in a tight area, it creates a fire hazard. A simple spark from the ignition or elsewhere can light up a big fire. An explosion is also a possibility.


Read how to charge with a trickle charger before you start. Learning about the correct wiring will prove vital in terms of safety. For example, the charger’s ground wire must be connected to a metal frame.

Most of us pay little to no importance to a user manual. When it comes to such risk, it is best to read directions and make sure to match the voltage and power settings. Also, keep everything turned off when you do the wiring. Although a common safety tip, many forget this crucial tip.

Suit Up

It is not necessary to wear full safety gear when you go to charge your battery, but a few small steps can save you from a massive disaster. A simple pair of plastic sandals can avert current from traveling through you. Just keep a couple in your garage and make it a habit to wear them anytime you work with electricals.


How Long Must A Trickle Charger Charge A Dead Battery Be Full?

As mentioned in the written piece, it may take one to two days, depending on the electrical current value of the trickle charger.

Final Words

Trickle chargers can come in handy when your vehicle is not being used over a long period. It is better to have a fully charged car battery waiting for you in emergencies than to face a dead one. Apart from the hassle of having to jump-start, a battery can freeze and be busted from being dead for too long.

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