Will Disconnecting Battery Reset Airbag Light?

The car has many signals to let you know about repairs so that you can remain safe. There are sensors for maintenance, low fuel, open doors, and various other things.

A few of these sensors are responsible for the airbag light. So what do you do when the airbag light comes on? Confused about how to pull off an airbag light reset? Will disconnecting battery reset airbag light?

We know such sensitive and risky issues can cause panic and plenty of questions. We suggest taking a few long breaths and reading this piece to find answers.

Will Disconnecting Battery Reset Airbag Light?

Before getting to this question, let us first know what issues cause the airbag light to come on.

What Causes Airbag Light To Turn On

As mentioned previously, there is a sensor attached to the airbag. When the sensor cannot detect a proper connection to the vehicle airbag, it turns on the airbag light. So, for those asking whether the airbag light should be on or off when it comes to your safety, it should be off.

It is good to know that the airbag light is on can be caused by other errors too.

Defective Sensors

The sensors that help us detect the emergency can be at fault themselves. If it has been a while since you got your car sensors checked and the airbag light keeps turning on, it may be time to look at the sensors.

Blown Fuse

An airbag light can also be triggered by a burst fuse. So, make sure to check the fuses under your car hood or the dashboard before getting anxious about a faulty airbag. You can recognize the car blown fuse smell from a burning odor inside.

Empty Battery

A thing that may have set off the airbag light is a drained battery. If gone unnoticed and uncharged, the backup battery that supplies voltage to the airbags also starts being used. Once the power finishes up, the airbag light goes off. Sometimes a complete charge can get rid of this issue. Other times a sensor reset is required.

Flawed Spring

An airbag clock spring is used to make sure that the airbag is still electrically linked while turning the steering wheel. This spring shrinks in and out as the steering wheel spins. It is reasonable if this clock spring shows issues after a long period without maintenance. With misconnection and flawed spring, the airbag light turns on.

Damp Module

An airbag module is what administers setting off the airbag and accumulates data. Generally placed under the driver and passenger seats, it is hard to be reached by water or other liquids. However, if water gets inside, it can cause the airbag light to turn on.

Check if Airbag Light Is On

Now that we know the various reasons the airbag light turns on, we should also know what to do. If you have browsed the internet for “will disconnecting battery reset airbag light,” let us save you time and energy. No, it will not. Look at the following steps that you can take instead.

Charge Batteries

As mentioned before, if both primary and backup batteries are depleted, the airbag light can go off. So charge your battery and see if that settles the faulty airbag light. It is good to give this a shot before going to a mechanic.

However, do not just go on a journey without relying on this sole issue and, worse, not even solving to know for sure.

Sensor Reset

If you have read the empty battery section, you know that sometimes merely charging the battery will not turn the airbag light off. Having lost battery charge, the wiring may need a boost to read the data correctly. This is where resetting the sensors come in handy.

Check Seat Belts

If your airbag light goes off even after you have checked everything, a plausible cause may be the seatbelts not being secure. Look for any broken pieces or a jam inside the belt. A poorly strapped seat can trigger the airbag light.

Get an Expert’s Help

We know it can get pricey to go to a professional. However, when it comes to such a matter of risking your life, it is best not to get stingy.

Let a mechanic examine your car. Having been in the business, they have the proper tools and knowledge to fix the airbag light while maintaining safety precautions. These precautions are that the airbag still depletes when needed.

Many do not take service lights seriously, but getting the problem looked at during the beginning stages saves you a lot of hassle and money.

Blinking Airbag Light

If your airbag light keeps flashing, there may be an issue in the airbag system. A way to stop the blinking is by manually resetting the airbag light. Being parked in a secure area while performing these steps is advisable.

The first and obvious step is turning the car on. If your car has been going for a while, turn it off and on again.

Keep an eye on the airbag light. It will stay steady for approximately seven seconds and then turn off. Instantly shut the car down.

Wait and count to three. Turn it back on again to repeat these steps twice.

Once done, you should see a stable airbag light for 7 seconds, and it should turn off. If they do not work the first two times, you could repeat the steps.

These steps can save you some money, but you should regularly get your car maintained and checked to avoid risking your life. Remember that a few things in your vehicle, such as the airbag clock spring, airbag module, and seat belts, can all corrode or worsen over time. Even if you have not faced an airbag light issue, get these crucial areas looked at annually.


Will Unplugging The Battery Car Reset The Airbag Light?

No, it will not. If you want to reset the airbag light manually, follow the steps under “Blinking Airbag Light.”

Final Words

Service lights can be annoying, but ignoring them may cost your life. We hope this written piece covers what you need to know about a blinking airbag light, possible causes, and ways to resolve it.

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